Tewari Reactionless Generator


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The Homopolar Generator has always been known to be able to deliver electricity without bogging down the prime mover and Faraday knew this 150 years ago!

Normal generators create a back-torque against the prime mover because of Lenz’s Law, which can be explained as an electromagnetic equal and opposite reaction, but this is completely circumvented in the Homopolar Generators.

Bruce DePalma and Adam Trombly are known for their enhancement to the Faraday Homopolar Generator and it is important to make the distinction that the Tewari Reactionless Generator outputs AC so is not a Homopolar Generator.

Homopolar Generators are known to have a lot of current but very little usable voltage. The Tewari Reactionless Generator (T-RLG) is AC so has a changing magnetic field, which makes it simple to step up the voltage with a transformer. This is one of the many benefits of the T-RLG but is one of the most important.

Paramahamsa Tewari worked on these kinds of machines many years ago. So the story goes – Mr. Tewari measured how much water could be electrolyzed with a certain amount of electricity. However, when that same electricity powered the T-RLG, the output electrolyzed water and wound up with several times more freed up hydrogen. This defeated Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis by a few hundred percent and this led to more advancements and innovations on the T-RLG technology.

Over the years, Mr. Paramahamsa Tewari had continued working on his T-RLG machine and it has become one of the most tested free energy devices in the world showing at least 238% more electricity coming out of it than going in. This has been tested by very qualified individuals and organizations connected to various companies and universities and the goal is to get this out to the world to help solve the energy problem.

Unfortunately, Mr. Tewari passed away toward the end of 2017 but thankfully, his son Anupam Tewari is committed to keeping his father’s legacy alive and he was gracious enough to come to the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference to present on his father’s work.

This presentation serves as a perfect starting point for anyone who is not familiar with the T-RLG, where it comes from and the how Mr. Tewari’s Space Vortex Theory led him to the T-RLG. Even if you are familiar with the T-RLG, there is some history here that many are not aware of and this is coming straight from his son, Anupam, so is authoritative and historically correct.

Part of the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (59 mins downloadable video).


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