The Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor/Generator


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In 1975 the Chairman of the New Zealand Institute of Electrical Engineers, Robert Adams, filed for a patent on a novel type of highly efficient motor/generator that utilized the power of permanent magnets and seemingly circumvented Lenz’s law. However, his patent was denied, and he was subsequently pressured by the prime minister and several large companies to keep his invention to himself.

After 20 years of this, Adams, now in his seventies, felt he didn’t have much to lose, and so he decided to publish his invention in a 1994 edition of Nexus Magazine. Since then, thousands of experimenters around the world have replicated Adams’ revolutionary device, some with incredible results, but a lot of confusion remains.

This presentation by Nick Kraakman aims to clear up some of this confusion, present how this motor/generator functions in detail, and even disclose Adams’ little-known multi-kilowatt thermal generator he worked on until his death in 2006.

Some photos shown are exclusively released for the first time ever from Peter Lindemann’s collection and in the near future, the most comprehensive package of writings from Dr. Robert Adams will be available here on

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