They Are All The Same – SG Vs RPG (Iron Core Vs Air Core)

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Paul Babcock has been heavily involved in the Reactive Power Generator (RPG) machine built by Mike Clarke since the beginning and it is the most straightforward self-charging electromagnetic motor-generator setup that I have ever seen.

The RPG uses the principles that John Bedini taught everyone for years but it also uses the principles that John taught that nobody ever seemed to take to heart such as using an air core and a few other very important factors.

In this presentation, Paul addresses the differences between the simple Bedini SG that John shared with the world and the RPG and what direction you need to be taking your experiments if you want to get the same results.

There is enough information here for any competent builder who has built an SG to start taking it to the next level by going on the path that Paul is paving in this very presentation called They Are All the Same. What that essentially means is that they are still pulse motors, they recover the flyback and use it to charge a battery and so on.

It’s time to transform your go-karts into hotrods and this is the information you’ve been waiting for.


2 reviews for They Are All The Same – SG Vs RPG (Iron Core Vs Air Core)

  1. Dave . (verified owner)

    First off I would like to say thank you for having this outlet of information. I like many others really appreciate the seminar video’s and the information brought forward, even though not much may ever be said about the information publicly.

    Paul thanks for the info and the helping hand, now we have a more complete picture of the Bedini SG and the direction John may have intended us to follow in hot Rodding the SG machine. Very nicely done!


    Dave Wing

  2. Peter Klaren (verified owner)

    Excellent presentation guys!
    Especially introducing the crowd to the modern Mosfets, diode and DIY advancements!

    Raymundo Hooten

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