Two Overunity Technologies And A Theory To Explain Them


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Dr. Paul LaViolette is one of the world’s leading authorities on antigravity technologies and is author of the popular book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.

As you can see in his bio up above, has studied in a very wide range of areas including psychology, climatology, systems theory and others.

As a conventionally trained scientist, he was employed by the US Patent Office and was wrongfully terminated. He fought back and had the anti-discriminatory laws changed so that they could no longer fire anyone for their scientific beliefs. He is a champion for free thought and has certainly proved this by his development of Sub Quantum Kinetics – SQK – a model that appears to be able to answer many of the underlying mechanisms of seemingly complex subjects.

Dr. LaViolette beings with a discussion on the Sun Cell developed by Black Light Power Corp., a technology that could one day power and heat our home. It is able to capture energy released in water from the transition of hydrogen atom orbital electrons to subground energy states. While this behavior is not anticipated by standard quantum theory, the novel physics methodology of subquantum kinetics (SQK) does allow this. At the same time SQK can explain the operation of the Nassikas superconducting magnetic thruster, a device which per unit thrust weight provides over 1000 times more thrust than NASA’s NSTAR ion thruster with no energy consumption. The Nassikas thruster can get us to the stars.

Part of the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (103 mins downloadable video).


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