Versor Algebra Volume 2 (Paperback)


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In Versor Algebra Volume 2, the general theory presented in the first volume is actually applied to any number of phases.

Each set of phases has its own mathematical manifestation. If there are eight phases, the math is very different from the math necessary to analyze three phases. The general theory is basically being developed into special theory for multiple number of phases.

The second volume covers a plurality of phases including eight phases, which is necessary for the proper mathematical analysis of polyphase music. It also covers the very usual true single or monopolar phase developed by Nikola Tesla for his telluric ground transmission systems. We also review the more common three and four phase power systems.

What is commonly misunderstood as single phase is actually a two phase system that is common in your home. This is not a true polyphase system because it is not rotational like a four phase system but is included for continuity.

You will be able to observe the mathematical process without being sidetracked by numerous subscripts and the use of the same letter for a multiplicity of terms, which is the flaw in the available textbooks on the subject. This is necessary to establish the clarity of the process so that in the future third volume, it is possible to understand its application and extension.

(193 page downloadable ebook)

Fault has been found with these articles that they are hard to read. They were harder, perhaps, to write.

Oliver Heaviside – Electromagnetic Theory Volume 1, 1893

Versor Algebra is also available as a downloadable ebook

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