Zero Entropy States – More On Time, Space, And Overunity


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Aether Weirdness - It's About Time! Magic Batteries And Other Observations

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In 2002 I was hanging out with John Bedini, at his lab in Post Falls, ID. After a fun day of playing with John’s toys; he pointed up to a high shelf at another device that was covered by a glass case. As he was lighting a cigarette, he exclaimed, “that’s the one you really want to see”. I said back to him, “Cool… Let’s have a look”. He replied right back, in a cloud of smoke. “N’aa, you’re not ready for that one yet.” It was twelve years before John finally demonstrated the infamous, “Glass Case Motor” or Gravity Wave Space Flux Motor for me, personally. Those two days in 2002 and 2014 that I spent with John Bedini, triggered a subconscious process within myself that took an other five years to crystallize. Time isn’t what you think it is. Entropy can go away. The machines work because entropy does go away. John made me “earn the knowledge” and in that tradition, plan on putting your thinking caps on and having your minds bent. – Paul Babcock

Early on, John Bedini had discussed the “Time Charge” in capacitors and batteries and posted this on his websites in the last 90’s but most people never knew how literal John was when discussing Time. Potential Energy is the potential for Energy to exist at a later time. Well, Time Potential is also the potential for Time to exist at a later time as well so when you’re storing the aetheric charge from high voltage spikes in a capacitor or battery, you’re storing TIME potential because when the battery or capacitor gives you work later, you get it out in the form of power over a period of TIME, which is what energy is.

Paul Babcock is one of the few that has really taken on what John was trying to teach so make sure to learn his perspective because Paul has achieved results with his understanding and it has proven to work in Mike Clarke’s RPG machine.

Part of the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (61 mins downloadable video).

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