Electromagnetic Induction And Its Propagation by Eric Dollard
Electromagnetic Induction And Its Propagation by Eric Dollard
Method Of Symmetrical Co-Ordinates Applied To The Solution Of Polyphase Networks by Eric Dollard
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2015 Spokane Windstorm – How to Keep the Lights On

2016 Spokane Windstorm
2016 Spokane Windstorm

Here is a video showing a Plasma Ignition setup on a gasoline generator, which supplied power to a home during the day and charged up a big battery bank. Then at night when the loud noise wasn’t welcome, the generator was turned off and everything needed ran on a battery bank.

This is also the first time the Plasma Ignition setup on the gasoline generator was explained on video. If you want more info on the Plasma Ignition – visit https://emediapress.com/shop/combo-ignition-secrets-ignition-secrets-plasma-ignition-solved-wasted-spark-systems/.

I did use small scale solar not shown in the video using both crystalline and thin film solar panels – get the Free book here: https://emediapress.com/shop/solar-secrets/

The ultimate battery chargers and solar charge controllers are here: http://teslachargers.com

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