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Joseph Newman’s Secret Disclosure Coming by Geoffrey Miller

Joseph Newman - Big Eureka
Joseph Newman – Big Eureka

Joseph Newman is a legend in the Free Energy field and is one of the pioneers of the movement. Geoffrey Miller of Energy Bat Labs worked with Newman for about 10 years in the last 80’s and early 90’s and is one of the few people that ever gained Newman’s trust.

Geoffrey was the one who helped guide Newman’s Energy Machine construction so that they developed more torque and were simply built better. Newman was not much of a builder but more of an intellect.

Newman died of a heart attack about a year ago but his secrets will not go with him. Geoffrey Miller will be giving an exclusive disclosure at the upcoming 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference and will show the CORRECT way to build a Newman Machine.

Out of all the videos and websites showing “replications” of Newman’s Motor, only ONE video has ever shown the correct way and it was because the builder actually comprehended what Newman had written in his book, The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman.

Here are a couple pictures of Joseph Newman and Geoffrey Miller sitting at a McDonald’s when Geoffrey first met Newman. And there is a short letter by Newman giving praise to Geoffrey “Jeff” for helping to bring his technology out to the world. I don’t know of anyone other person that Newman ever gave this specific credit to!

Geoffrey Miller - Newman Machine
Geoffrey Miller – Newman Machine
Joseph Newman thanking Geoffrey "Jeff" Miller
Joseph Newman thanking Geoffrey “Jeff” Miller
Geoffrey Miller & Joseph Newman at McDonald's
Geoffrey Miller & Joseph Newman at McDonald’s
Geoffrey Miller & Joseph Newman at McDonald's
Geoffrey Miller & Joseph Newman at McDonald’s

Come meet Geoffrey at the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference to be a part of this historical disclosure!


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New Joseph Newman Disclosure Coming

Yesterday, I talked with a gentleman who is an insider into the world of Joseph Newman and he will be disclosing some of Newman’s secrets at our conference next year. I was introduced to him last year but did not realize how close he was to Newman.

According to him, what most people think they know about Joseph Newman’s technology is only 30% correct with 70% of the information still not disclosed.

At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, he will present a Newman motor running along with a disclosure of information he hasn’t publicly revealed before. He was one of Joseph Newman’s closest confidants who worked with him closely for 10 years.

New disclosures are always welcome and I was pleasantly surprised that there is more to the Newman machine that I thought.

Some of Joseph Newman’s work has been inspirational to John Bedini, Paul Babcock and others so that alone shows you the value in paying attention to this important work.

More details on this presentation and speaker will be posted on the conference website soon. 69% of the seats are already registered with only 47 left (not updated on website, but these are the latest numbrs) and we’re not even at the end of the year so we’ll probably break last year’s record easily. Get registered now – no payment is necessary at this time.