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Free Energy Flashlight


Imagine having a free energy flashlight that never has to have its power source replaced, you don’t have to plug it in, put it in the sun, crank a handle or shake it up… because it charges itself up. What if you were able to use it for a few hours, set it down and the next day, it is charged back up again?

Obviously, this would have serious implications not just for flashlights, but mobile phones and any other small devices that are normally powered by some small batteries.

In this case, it actually exists according to a company based out of Australia and they’re selling these free energy flashlights right now. We want to bring it to your attention.

The company claims their Free Energy Flashlight is powered by the Earth’s magnetic field and other electromagnetic waves aka electronic smog that is all around us. It’s not far fetched and a lot of big companies are taking this concept serious.

For a century, crystal radios are powered by the radio waves that they’re tuned to listen to. When you hear the radio station in the ear piece, it’s powered by free energy that you don’t have to pay for – it comes from the radio station.

RFIDs are also powered like this and some are even claiming to have developed it to a point, which it can charge a AA battery in a day. That might not seem like a lot, but what if you had that technology in every wall clock, mouse or wireless keyboard, remote controls, you name it… the batteries would never die and you would never have to replace them.

Dennis Siegel claims to have developed a circuit that will harvest enough to charge a AA battery like this. It appears to be nothing more than electromagnetic induction into a coil from the fields produced from electrical appliances, etc. But there are also models he developed that can harvest the same using much higher frequencies coming from radio, cell phone towers, etc… Read more about this here:

Even large corporations like Nokia have already announced that they’re looking to do the same thing in order to have a phone keep itself charge up. It’s been a while and we haven’t heard much more about it. They say it’s only outputting an amount of electricity that is too small so perhaps they haven’t exceeded the levels needed to accomplish the goal of keeping a phone charged up. Or, maybe its just too disruptive to pull hundreds of millions or billions of phones around the world eventually off the grid and have them all charged at the expense of the power company or home/business owners – seeing that the article came out 6 years ago, why would a company like Nokia with all its resources not be able to produce something like this? Even if it wasn’t built into the phone, they could build it into a phone case. If someone never had to plug it in, I’m sure they’d sell more than a few! Read about Nokia’s announcement on this here:

Free Energy Flashlight
Free Energy Flashlight

The company that actually has built a Free Energy Flashlight is Adgex. Here’s what they say, “…the use of the ‘Adgex Accumlator’ ELFE taps into the earth’s energy supplies and converts that power into usable energy. Yes, the Earth provides the energy to charge the light, it’s that simple, and that incredible.

You can use it for a few hours then set it down and the next day it will be charged back up!

You can get one: Free Energy Flashlight

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