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This is the highest COP replication of a known working overunity system, posted in a public forum, that I know of. Congratulations to Donald H. and we are looking forward to more positive results. I’d recommend reading the entire discussion thoroughly if you want to know how to verify what your system is actually producing. In a way, this is actually historical – not a proven overunity system itself, but a replication with more coming. Although Mike’s self-sustains with higher output, anything over 1.0 COP proves the point and 4.5 is well beyond proving the point.

It’s also easier than one might think. It’s important to discard any myths that a system must completely self sustain or self run in order to show over 1.0 COP performance. On these kind of systems, what is important is to do a discharge test on the batteries to see what their actual capacity is in terms of amps and time. Then, if you can exceed the amperage draw for the hours you would get from both your input and output banks since that is what you’re starting with, then you’ve succeeded.

The forum is free to join and by logging in, you can see all the attachments, etc.

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New Release – 2023 ESTC Peter Lindemann – Electric Motor Secrets Part 3

This is the first of many releases to come from the 2023 ESTC. Electric Motor Secrets Part 3 also concludes the Trilogy of Electric Motor Secrets, which also has an extra video Advanced Motor Secrets.

This new presentation is a first disclosure of what Peter Lindemann saw when meeting Troy Reed years ago – he is finally discussing what he believes he saw. Discussing the secret life of Tesla’s AC Induction Motor, Troy Reed’s “Hot Fan” project, and Robert Alexander’s 1975 US Patent titled Method and Apparatus for Increasing Electrical Power.

The other presentations will be released daily until they’re all out.

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Tickets on Sale – 2023 Energy Science & Technology Conference

Tickets are now available for the 12th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference – Spokane, Washington USA – July 5-9, 2023 (Wednesday-Sunday). There are only 65 in person seats and only 100 streaming tickets available. Whey are streaming tickets limited? Over a certain number of people streaming in, the bandwidth cost goes up significantly to get to the next tier.

The in person tickets are flat rate and for streaming tickets, there is an early bird discount that expires the end of March.

PURCHASE TICKETS NOW (100% of the tickets sell out every year):

For the full ESTC website, still being updated, go here:

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Thane Heins & ReGenX Removed from 2022 ESTC Presentation Schedule

Thane Heins

Over the last several weeks, I have attempted to get an agreement from Thane Heins to allow the proper testing of his ReGenX, motor-generator technology. At first he agreed but then when I got specific, my requests were met with non-response.

It’s very simple – Thane Heins claims that his motor-generator is free of any load and when he puts a load on the generator, the prime mover is partially unloaded so it speeds up. The reason for this is very simple and it has nothing to do with overunity or any other mysterious principle.

Rather than repeating myself, I simply copy and pasted some of a PUBLIC email to him. When he first contacted me, he carbon copied it to a whole lot of people so I simply replied to all when responding. Therefore, nothing below is confidential. You can read my requests to him, which are very reasonable. I also wrote out the explanation of why the prime mover is being unloaded when applying a load (or short), which is still a load.

It will be obvious when Thane is writing and when I’m writing.

Hello Thane,

I believe I have been more than generous by giving you plenty of opportunities to address my concerns about how your motor-generator technology is to be measured.

If you’re unwilling to allow the prime mover to be tested apart from the generator, then that is an obvious red flag.

I will take your silent, non-response to my last few emails as your refusal to allow proper testing of your motor-generator technology so I will remove you from the schedule for the 11th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference.

If, at some point in the future, you agree to finally allow the proper testing of your technology to prove the “no load” claim by measuring your prime mover by itself, then you will be welcome to present it at my conference.

Until then, it is indisputable that all your claims are illegitimate, especially the claim of “no load” because there is magnetic drag across the generator cores and my video linked to below shows the same effect of the prime mover speeding up under load or being shorted. I gave the correct explanation as to why that is. Your prime mover is pre-loaded – plain and simple – pre-loaded by the drag across the generator cores just as I explained.

If you want to debate this indisputable fact, let’s do it in a public forum where the reality of the ReGenX will be self-apparent to the entire world whether it pans out or not. I’m game if you are.
Aaron Murakami
On 4/28/2022 12:33 AM, Aaron Murakami wrote:

Hello Thane,

I have you scheduled for the Energy Science & Technology Conference, which is July 6 to 10 (Wed to Sun).

Your actual talk is on Sunday the 10th at this time: 9:45am~12:00pm THANE HEINS – REGENX MOTOR & GENERATOR – DEMONSTRATION INCLUDED (135 min)

We have time set aside on Wed so your machines can be measured. One item of interest is to measure the draw on your prime mover while completely detached from the generator and then to remeasure it attached to the generator with the cores of the generator removed and then to then measure it with the normal generator setup with no load attached to the generator. This will show whether or not your prime mover is “unloaded” or not. If in the first two situations the prime mover draws less, it is obviously not unloaded and the generator cores are causing drag on the prime mover meaning it is pre-loaded. Attaching a load or shorting generator coils on a constant current generator is supposed to unload the prime mover and speed it up because of simple Lenz’s Law – the generator coils will generate an opposing magnetic field that will neutralize some of the magnetic cogging effect and is completely expected and normal (for a constant current generator). The magnet can obviously slide by the generator coil easier.

I can demonstrate unloading a prime mover with the Kromrey Generator patented in the late 60’s at a relatively low speed – shorting the output lets the prime mover speed up for the exact reason I mentioned above:


Also, simple volt and amp readings don’t mean much with complex waveforms, but nevertheless, I’m comparing apples to apples in a relatively low speed system and the RPM meter shows the system speeding up when shorted out. When properly understanding these principles, all this can be done at much lower speeds.

I also understand using a coil as a capacitor where producing a load has no drag / no Lenz Law at certain speeds – Tesla patented that in his bifilar coil patent a century ago. We’ve all demonstrated this at various levels for many years so it’s fairly well-known.

Your claim is that at the critical speed, it requires to work for the prime mover to operate it. That means that with the prime mover unattached to the generator, it should draw the same as the system loaded at the critical speed.

If you can be there on the 5th when we setup, that will be ideal so we can set everything up to do the testing Wednesday morning.

How many guest passes do you need? All in person seating is already sold out but we are offering live streaming tickets. Besides yourself 1-2 guest passes would be no problem. Please let me know and I’ll send you a private link.

For reference:

Q2 – Presentation with demonstrations have priority – will you be demonstrating both your ReGen-X Motor AND Generator?


Q3 – Are you able to cover your own travel/lodging meals (meals that are not provided at the conference) to bring what you need to the conference and set it up? (If you present, we’d provide 2-3 tickets so that you and a couple associates can come for the whole conference. There are 4 lunches and 1 dinner provided at the conference location and that would be covered with the tickets.


Q4 – Presenters typically promote the conference that they are presenting at to their newsletter lists, social media networks, etc. Are you willing to help spread the word about the conference?


Q5 – Presentations are typically in Powerpoint format and projected on the big screen. The presentations are recorded and sold as digital downloads and presenters are encouraged to become an affiliate with our affiliate program to earn almost 50% of all referred sales. Is this something you’re interested in? It’s certainly not required.


Q6 – We sometimes hold live conference calls with presenters to introduce what they’re going to present at the conference and to open up for Q & A with the callers. Are you open to participating in these kind of calls if we have time to schedule them?



ReGenX Replications

Q7 – In your email below, there is the subject line, “CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATE REQUEST FOR (2ND) PERFORMANCE VALIDATION” – Will you allow your motor and generator technology to be independently measured/vetted at the conference by experts chosen by me? 



HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST ReGenX Generator E Core Prototype Hillcrest Petroleum & Design 1st ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Demonstration
HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quant… HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Test and Performance Protocol V2 1. ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Test and Performance Protocol 02/21/2021 Prepared by: Thane C. Heins President and CEO, Potential Difference Inc. Preface: Potential Difference has developed the ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor which both operate with a US …

2018 INFINITE EFFICIENCY ReGenX Generator, Bi-Toroid Transformer Tests Report for SIEMENS:

2018 INFINITE EFFICIENCY ReGenX Generator, Bi-Toroid Transformer Test… – SlideShare 2018 infinite efficiency regenx generator, bi-toroid transformer tests report for siemens 1. 03/10/2018 test data and black box system efficiencies generator armature reaction reversal & electric vehicle regenerative braking reversal technology innovations potential +/- difference inc.

This can happen on Wed/Thur before, during or after the presentations. For something like what you want to present, Fri, Sat or Sun before the panel discussions would be best.


HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST SIEMENS 1 Report Signed Data Sheet… Hillcrest Petroleum & Design 1st ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Demonstration:

Q8 – The conference is July 6 – 10 – Wed to Sun. Would you able to be there with a demo setup by Wed night and stay for the panel discussion on Sunday?


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Thane Heins to Present at 2022 ESTC – Under One Condition

Thane Heins

Thane Heins contacted me to present his RegenX Motor and Generator technology with a claim of infinite COP. I’m aware of his work over the years, the claims, etc. and I will reserve judgement on the validity of such claims.

My condition is that he allows me to pick my own experts to independently measure/validate his claims at the conference live in front of the attendees on possibly Wed or Thur of the conference, a few days before he presents.

Regardless of what the testing shows, he is still welcome to present and everyone can make up their own mind.

The test results will be included with the video presentation made available after it goes into the catalog.

“For validation, it must be completed by my own experts.” – Aaron Murakami


He agreed so I’ll expect him to honor his word as himself just as I do. I have declined his offer to provide me with his own third party testing validation. It must be with experts of my own choosing and the attendees will have an opportunity to learn proper testing procedures to verify input vs output. It will be done with accepted standards and methods that apply equally to both over and under 1.0 COP rotating machines.

I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Jim Murray’s book, since it is definitive and authoritative: The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems

That book is based on this video presentation of the same title by Jim several years back, which is available here: The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems

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Zero Entropy States – More on Time, Space & Overunity by Paul Babcock

Years ago, John Bedini posted multiple references on his website in the late 90’s regarding a “Time Charge” when it came to charging capacitors from the School Girl energizers and discharging them to batteries. Hardly anyone ever took this comment seriously but Paul Babcock definite did and when we consider the depth of Paul’s experience, it is a lot more meaningful. When we look at energy, potential, potential energy (potential for energy to exist), then doesn’t the possibiliy of Time Potential exist as well? It does and it is the potential for TIME to exist at a later time as well so if we can charge batteries with Time Potential from the radiant energy spikes, interesting things happen in batteries, etc.

Paul has been working with Mike Clarke on his Reactive Power Generator for several years and this knowledge has been applied to allow it to run in a manner, which appears to be indefinite without killing the batteries. And, mechanical work is turning a generator producting power by lighting bulbs the entire time. Getting a battery to reverse it’s TIME is more literaly than one might think.

This presentation is the perfect companion to his presentation from 2019 called Aether Weirdness – It’s About Time! Magic Batteries And Other Observations, which is recommended as the perfect companion presentation.

Get a copy of this presentation here:

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Adam’s Motor Demonstration at 2021 ESTC

Dr. Robert Adams Machine

Nick Kraakman who has been collaborating with Peter Lindemann behind the scenes is bringing an Adam’s Motor to the 2021 ESTC. Nick will be showing some never before seen pictures of some of Dr. Robert Adams machines that were sent to Peter Lindemann years ago. Peter corresponded with Dr. Adams for years and has compiled more booklets, pictures and letters from Dr. Adams regarding the Adams Motor than anyone that we know of. This information and pictures will all be available in digital downloadable format after the conference.

There are very specific features about the circuit and coils that are no immediately apparent, which give advantages to it’s efficiency and coefficient of performance (COP). This will all be explained at the conference.

Also, get your tickets to the 10th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference where we will be demonstrating this and more 🙂 – Learn more about the Energy Conference here:

The direct link to get your ticket(s) is here:

Here are a couple pictures of the latest build by Nick:

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Where to Start with Free Energy?

Free Energy

One of the most popular questions from those who are exploring the reality of “Free Energy” is, “Where do I start”?

The first step is to fully understand that there are no violations of physics with free energy systems. It’s not about more out than in, it’s more out than what we put in. Obviously, that implies there is extra input that we aren’t providing so there is no funny business and no over 100% efficiency claims.

How can a system output more than we put in but be under 100% efficient? If that doesn’t make sense to you, there is a good reason why – the proper distinctions are never taught in school although it is so simple that an elementary school child can understand the principles.

Here are some recommended starting points and why…

  1. Hacking the Aether is a presentation I gave several years ago, which is based on my old book The Quantum Key. It is a fluid aetheric model, which is essentially a unified field model that shows why relativistic effect happen and why, what gravity is, what the real difference is between energy and potential, the basics of open vs closed systems and more. You do not need a technical background to learn the reality about free energy and you will learn the necessary distinctions that you will not learn in school.
  2. Open System Thermodynamics is a section in Hacking the Aether and is probably the most important because it shows Nobel Prize material that says that any system that is open with the environment CAN output more than the operator inputs. Peter Lindemann presented on this at one of our earlier conferences and remains one of the most important presentations we’ve produced. If you want even more irrefutable evidence that Free Energy is legitimate, after watching Hacking the Aether, this is a must see.
  3. The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space is a must-have book written by Dr. James DeMeo. The ether exists as a matter of fact and Michelson-Morley never disproved anything. As a matter of fact, Michelson defended the ether long after – this truth is in my presentation above but if you want to see the most important collection of studies that have been done all the way to the modern day showing the ether – this book has it. There has never been a compilation quite like this and nobody should receive a degree in physics unless they study and understand this material – it is that important. So with the above two presentations and this book (there is a presentation on this by Dr. DeMeo that came out right before the book), you will understand not only the principles of free energy systems, but you will understand about the source potential itself, which is the ether.
  4. A Common Language for Electrical Engineering  – Lone Pine Writings by Eric Dollard is a book, which is available as a paperback on Amazon. It lays out and defines all the basic electrical engineering dimensions. So, now we’re getting to the practical application of real energy science, which actually has its roots in the electrical sciences, which has not been taught for a very long time. Whether you are a newbie or electrical engineering expert, this book is a must have resource:
  5. The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual – if I could have started all over 21 years ago when I first met John Bedini, I would have gotten my basic ham radio Technician’s license. The study guide is a basic electrical engineering course that teaches you all the basic components, formulas as well as the basic laws as it applies to radio transmission. This would have greatly cut my learning curve, especially as it applies to high frequency devices like Tesla Coil experiments and related. It’s so simple that even 6 year old children have gotten their basic ham radio license. For the practical application of electrical engineering principles, there is no better start than Eric’s book above and the ARRL manual – go get your ham radio license. It’s inexpensive and simple.

If you’re walking into all of this brand new and you actually TAKE ACTION and watch the above presentations and get the books and study them, you will be light years ahead of where any of us were 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. For some very famous people in this field, it has taken a lifetime of research to simply come to these conclusions that are presented in the above material. You can have this in your hands almost instantly and with the books, it may take 1-2 weeks to go through this material repeatedly, it’s impossible to stress the value of this and how fortunate you are that you even have access to all of this.

Then join Energetic Forum here: – it is one of the leading discussion forums online for all the above topics. It is free to join and fast – once you join, regardless of what emails you receive, send an email to help at emediapress dot com with your username and email you used during registration requesting activation and your account will be activated right away. You can learn from some experts in there, share your experiments, and get answers to a lot of your questions.

Energy Science Forum is also a great resource with less members and there is no approval process, just join, read, post, etc. there is a lot of info shared there that is not in Energetic Forum. 

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2020-03-07 Jim Murray Live Call Recording Available

Jim Murray - 2018 ESTC

This call is JAM-PACKED with a lot of info. Jim gives an overview of each and every presentation he gave at the Energy Science & Technology Conference. He also discusses his latest book, which has been released on Amazon – The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems.

Then we open up for questions from the callers and there are quite a bit that cover a lot of areas of his work.

Here are Jim’s Presentations:

Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries

The Dynaflux Concept and Lenz’s Law

Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator

The Secret of Tesla’s Power Magnification

The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems (video presentation)

The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems (paperback on Amazon)

Here are other interviews and Jim Murray related material on my YouTube channel – make sure to subscribe!

Make sure to use the share buttons below to share this with your friends!

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Bedini’s Glass Case Motor – Full Disclosure coming to 2020 ESTC

John Bedini's Glass Case Motor - Gravity Wave Space Flux Motor

In 1999, when John Bedini was first introduced to me, this “Glass Case Motor” was the first thing he wanted to show me so it had always been very special to me but it was even more special to John. It is a beautiful work of art that John built because it embodied the many principles that were worked out over the years with his partner from the past, Ron Cole.

The first time he ever presented it publicly was at the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference but it was mostly a demonstration along with the history and some of the thinking behind it but he never disclosed the circuit specs, coil details, etc.

The interesting or even profound thing about this “glass case motor”, which John actually called the Gravity Wave Space Flux Motor, is that it had run countless hours over the years on 30 year old either alkaline or zinc carbon batteries. The batteries had been seen to be in such poor shape that they were practically falling apart but nevertheless, once the rotor is spun, it picks up speed, turns a propeller shaft with eddy currents, blinks LEDs but the batteries never seem to die.

The long-awaited, full-disclosure that everyone has wanted but never thought would happen is coming to the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

While we may not be able to claim we know all the answer as to why this particular arrangement of coils, magnets, etc. can demonstrate these amazing feats and we may not be able to claim that we see this motor the same way John did as he had his own unique way of looking at things, you will will walk away with all the information necessary to replicate this historical and amazing machine!

Get your ticket now while you can for our 9th annual event – 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference – register now: 2020 Energy Conference