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Online Privacy

Recently, we posted about the Signal Messaging app that allows your text, voice and video calls made through the app to others that have the same app to be encrypted. You can learn more about it down below on the Encrypted Communications post below.

Encrypted Communications – Free & Easy

We work on a lot of different technologies and work with people that have their hands on a lot of technologies so it is important to us that all our communications are as secure as possible.

Countless people’s communications are being exploited, nearly a half a million ZOOM accounts were just put on the dark web and they can be purchased for a few cents each and in many times, they’re free so it is one of the least secure platforms for video calls.

276 Million Facebook profiles were just sold on the dark web for $540! No passwords but emails, phone numbers, profile IDs, you name it.

Here are 2 simple things you can use to add to your privacy arsenal in addition to the Signal messaging app – keep in mind the other person does NOT have to have the Signal app for you to text them on your phone like normal! It is just that if they do have it, then your communications are encrypted. I’m moving towards deleting Skype and Whatsapp as soon as the main people I communicate to on those has Signal.

  1. Duckduckgo – I’ve used this for a long time now on both my home computers and on my phone and am extremely happy with it – it’s 100% FREE. Very rarely do I ever directly use Google. Duckduckgo is always set as my homepage as my main search engine because it does NOT collect private information and the searches are anonymous! Consider using it as your own default search engine and get away from Google, which was just reported to now be worth over $1 Trillion USD!!
  2. Hide My Ass – I’ve used this for years. It is a proxy service that allows you to visit different websites, but those websites will not record your real internet protocol address (IP Address), it will record the IP Address of whatever proxy you use. You can have it set to use a local proxy near you or you can make it look like you’re searching from almost any country you can think of. It’s a paid service that renews annually and it is well worth it. It is also faster that other proxy services I’ve used. And with one account, you can have it on laptop for example, your phone or other computer at the same time. Learn more: Hide My Ass

Pass this on! There is a race at this very moment to destroy our rights to privacy at an alarming rate and it is coming from those who are pushing the most fear-mongering propaganda about the current Covid-19 situation.

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Encrypted Communications – Free & Easy

Encrypted Messenger

As we see the erosion of our rights at the state level continuing as well as an invasion of our privacy, especially with the current pandemic situation, there is a need now more than ever for secure communications or at least as secure as practical considering what we have to work with. The US Postal Service still remains the most secure method of communication other than face to face but for digital/phone/instant, we do have several options.

For a few years, I’ve relied on the VSee private messenger because it is encrypted and is so good it is HIPPA compliant, which means it can be used to transmit medical/health information for telemedicine conferencing, etc. It’s so swamped right now that new members can’t install it, so myself and many of my friends, family and associates are all switching to SIGNAL right now and it might be a good idea to consider doing the same.

You can download it here: – it’s 100% FREE, relatively small and you can do group texts with an unlimited amount of people in the group.

Signal is a non-profit with open source encryption. It’s not just a private messenger app, but on Android and Apple, it can actually be set to be the default text messaging app for your phone, will import everything over and anything you text to others that have Signal installed will be encrypted. And you can make voice and video calls through the app as well and those will also be encrypted.

Keep in mind that if you communicate in this manner while away from wi-fi, it will tap into your data plan so it makes sense to use this only when you’re connected to wi-fi unless you have an unlimited data plan. More info here:

Share this far and wide with the share buttons and when you install it yourself, make sure to encourage your friends and family to do the same.