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2024-05-25 Live EPD Zoom call with Eric Dollard

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Here’s the last recorded call with Eric Dollard and Crew:

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2024-03-30 EPD Live Call Recording

Evidence of low power atomic fusion in a vacuum tube is presented (what Tesla’s “x-rays” actually were???) and more advancements with the Golden Ratio Discharge. Our team continues to produce some of the most significant experimental results of any group that is openly sharing their work. We think you’ll agree after watching this video.

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2023-06-24 LIVE EPD Laboratories Video Call

We apologize for the late posting of this recorded video, but it is worth the wait! We had to get thru the 2023 ESTC – this call is PACKED with a lot of information regarding all presentation topics presented on by: Eric, Adrian, Griffin and Hakasays. Justin Miller who has been helping Eric Dollard since before EPD Laboratories, Inc. was even founded – he shares a slide show of the latest work done down in Tonopah. You do NOT want to miss this recording.

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2023 ESTC Panel Discussion 2 Free Download

This panel discussion has the following presenters in addition to Jeane Manning who is moderating it.

Griffin Brock

Eric Dollard

Aaron Murakami

Jeane Manning

Adrian Marsh, PHd


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NEW RELEASE – 2023 ESTC Ultra Low Frequency Amplifier-Modulator – Eric Dollard, Adrian Marsh PhD, Aaron Murakami

Last year’s flame speaker was 100 watts, this year, it will be around 2000 watts. The audio modulator bay is 100% complete and the RF bay is well on its way. We have some makeshift modifications that we had time to complete for the conference. We’ll continue to completion after the conference. There will be multiple demonstrations with this universal, high frequency and high voltage test equipment. Watch the preview video below for a sample of what is demonstrated.

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NEW RELEASE – 2023 ESTC – Adrian Marsh, PhD – The Golden Ratio Discharge

The Golden Ratio is one of the fundamental underlying principles in the Wheelwork of Nature, and is reflected within many forms in the natural world. The Golden Ratio Discharge reflects this fundamental principle in the field of electricity and energy, first discovered by Eric Dollard in 1978, and now rediscovered by Adrian Marsh, and demonstrated by using a specific arrangement of Tesla coil and generator. This presentation makes an in-depth exploration of this unique discharge, looking into its scientific, engineering, and philosophical/esoteric origins, and how to practically reveal this discharge in a Tesla coil system, as well as considering its importance as an example of a core underlying principle of nature revealed in the field of electricity and electro-magnetism.

A complete engineering apparatus and schematics are disclosed for the experimental Tesla coil system, along with comprehensive measurements of the power supply, generator, and Tesla coil characteristics in both the time and frequency domain. The presentation contains all the necessary design keys to replicate this remarkable experiment. Vibration, tuning, and resonance of the experiments are explored in detail, and how to transition the discharge form from the Golden Dragon, a fractal expanding with Golden Ratio proportions, to more conventional Sword streamers. The Golden Dragon discharge shows profound symmetry, temporal and spatial coherence, and a choreography that demonstrates in no uncertain terms the fundamental nature of this underlying principle of the natural world.

The inner nature of the Golden Ratio discharge is explored using high-speed photography up to 2000 times which shows the creation and extinction of each discharge streamer, and hidden within this the first conjectured emergence of ball-lightning, or the formation of a “micro-sun”, the precursor to an inclusive fusion process, observed before within specialised vacuum tubes, but never before manifested in free-space. The presentation concludes with a live demonstration of the optimal tuning of the experimental apparatus to generate the Golden Ratio discharge in the form of the Golden Dragon, and then through specific tuning and adjustment the transition to sword streamers at lower frequencies.
The Golden Ratio Discharge experiment in this presentation is shown to support Tesla’s profound statement, “… then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”, and has the potential to reveal deeper insights, principles, and knowledge of the natural order.

Includes PDF of the Powerpoint presentation and two close-up videos of the Golden Ratio Discharge.

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NEW RELEASE – 2023 ESTC – Parker Edmondson – Tesla Coil & Diathermy Machine Demonstration

Here’s a FREE download:

In Parker’s demonstration, they will showcase single-wire electrical transmission using two coils tuned to the same frequency. The primary coil, longer in length, will have the secondary coils wrapped around its base. Both primary coils will be wound to 1/4 the wavelength of the transmitted frequency. The connection between the coils will be established by connecting the bottom wire of the primary coils, while the secondary coils wound around the base of the primary coils will serve as reference secondary coils. Parker will connect a signal generator to the secondary (shorter) coil of the sending coil and tune it to the desired transmission frequency. On the identical receiving coil, a LED or similar device will be placed on the secondary (shorter) coil, and as Parker adjusts the signal generator to the resonant frequency of the coil system, the LED will illuminate. In the second part of the demonstration, Parker will power up a diathermy machine and discuss intriguing effects associated with high-frequency alternating current. They will then proceed to light an incandescent bulb using the diathermy machine. If a volunteer is available, Parker may invite them to hold the bulb and touch one side with a metal object while simultaneously touching the diathermy machine with another metal object. This interaction aims to demonstrate the bulb’s illumination through the transfer of energy. If time allows, Parker will further showcase their expertise by lighting a candle or a kerosene lamp using the diathermy machine. Throughout the demonstration, Parker will provide detailed explanations and insights into the underlying principles and phenomena. Attendees can look forward to an engaging and educational experience, gaining a deeper understanding of single-wire electrical transmission, high-frequency effects, and practical applications.

This video is made available for free to help raise awareness about Parker’s work. He is inspiring hundreds of thousands of youth who otherwise would not know about Tesla and the related sciences. This has a list of a bunch of links to his different websites:

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NEW RELEASE 2023 ESTC- Griffin Brock – Recent Research On The Tesla Radiant Matter Tube And Related Phenomena

This presentation by Griffin Brock demonstrates fundamental science – for the first time in 120 years, Tesla’s Shadowgraph tube has been perfected and demonstrated. This is one of the most important breakthroughs in the Tesla sciences that has emerged in a long time and we were fortunate to be able to witness this first hand at the 2023 ESTC!

At the close of the Nineteenth Century, research as conducted by Nikola Tesla became exceedingly directed towards high vacuum – high frequency vacuum tubes. Tesla produced a variety of single electrode lamps, some of which manufactured rather unique rays, dubbed as Shadowgraphs. As opposed to succeeding contemporaries including W. C. Röentgen, whom of which proclaimed a similar effect, Nikola Tesla ultimately discovered an exceptional form of ray, similar to conventional Röentgen Rays, while not possessing inherent characteristics. Tesla later dwelled upon these special single-electrode tubes, realizing their implication in radiant matter applications, as well as their electrostatic effects. This presentation will cover the replication and a rigorous scientific exploration into the realm of the Tesla Radiant Matter – Shadowgraph Tube. As well as the covering of perfected versions of the apparatus, not expounded upon since the 1890’s.

See the preview or get a copy here:

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June 3, 2023 – Eric Dollard Live Call

Here is a LOT of information about the current status of the telluric transmission experiments at EPD Laboratories, Inc. For 1 Watt, the ground transmission was received at over 15 miles away!

EDIT: The 1 watt 15+ mile telluric ground transmission experiment may have been more. One calculation is 2.8 watts but Eric said the radio has a feedback circuit that cuts back power when the SWR changes so effective power should have been under 1 watt. In any case, he’ll use one of the small Feeltech or similar type of signal generators that are 1/4 watt and he’ll drive out further and see what happens. We’ll report back what the results are when that is completed.

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NEW RELEASE – 2023 ESTC Eric Dollard – History, Theory & Practice of the Four-Phase System & Four Phase Analysis of BWV 536, J.S. Bach


Four-Phase, wrongly called “Two Phase”, is a relatively unknown form of polyphase power. However, it was the original method employed in the Tesla-Westinghouse system of polyphase power and for good reason. It provided the best match to the well-established Edison Three Wire System then in extensive use. While an effective mathematical representation exists for the common three-phase system, no such representation has ever been applied to four-phase. This representation is to be developed in this presentation.

Get your copy at an automatic huge discount now!


Four-Phase analysis opens a new dimension in multiple co-ordinate representation and accordingly, opens a new avenue into this area of general theory. The established master of multiple co-ordinates is J.S. Bach and his poly-phonic (phase) music. BWV536 represents an idyllic representation of the four-phase concept; this is taken into a very high level of expression. This presentation applies the Fortescue method of the Fugue of BWV536 and is applied to the introductory part of Bach’s work.

Learn more here: