High Voltage N-Machine – Advancing The Homopolar Generator

High Voltage N-Machine - Advancing The Homopolar Generator by Aaron Murakami

The importance of the Homopolar Generator cannot be emphasized enough. It is a drag free generator that produces electricity by simply rotating a magnet in space!

Common generators will get bogged down when you draw electricity from them – for example if you light up a bunch of bulbs on a gasoline generator set, the engine has to work harder to compensate for that load, thereby burning up more gasoline.

But with a Homopolar Generator, you can draw electricity from it and it does not bog down what is turning the magnet. And this is just one of the many benefits of this kind of generator.

If you literally take a disc magnet and put a shaft through it, you can spin it and you will produce a voltage potential between the circumference of the magnet and the shaft that the magnet is rotating around. Think about it – you’re producing electricity by doing nothing more than rotating a magnet in space. There are no generator coils or anything like what is necessary in a normal generator! Simple, simple, simple!

This is all good, but the downfall is that you wind up with current, but almost no usable voltage and this has been the case since Michael Faraday first invented the Homopolar Generator, which was in fact the very first generator. This has been the case since 1831.

For nearly 200 years, the Homopolar Generator has been more of a novelty to most although a few low voltage high current applications have been powered by large industrial homopolar generators.

At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I review the basic history and the most notable names who have been involved with this kind of generator and then I show a working model that I have used to charge some capacitors up to 150-160 volts! If you consider the fact that for the size of magnets I was rotating, I would be lucky to wind up with 0.5 volts! I have a neon bulb connected to the capacitor and the bulb blinks every time the capacitors are up to the trigger voltage of these neons, which is about 95-105 volts.

What this shows is that I’m able to get 200 TIMES THE VOLTAGE than is expected from this kind of generator, which could very well take the entire experimental world of homopolar generators to a whole other level of practicality unlike anything has ever been demonstrated. It appears that at the conference, the small demonstration model achieved a worlds record by showing that I have wound up with more voltage from a Homopolar Generator that anyone has achieved in the last two centuries!

This is VERY SIMPLE and I would encourage you to get a copy of this and experiment with it because even if you have very little technical knowledge, you can build this and make it work!

Part of the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (66 mins downloadable video).

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High Voltage N-Machine by Aaron Murakami

Michael Faraday N-Machine by Aaron Murakami
Michael Faraday N-Machine by Aaron Murakami

The importance of the Homopolar Generator cannot be emphasized enough. It is a drag free generator that produces electricity by simply rotating a magnet in space!

Common generators will get bogged down when you draw electricity from them – for example if you light up a bunch of bulbs on a gasoline generator set, the engine has to work harder to compensate for that load, thereby burning up more gasoline.

But with a Homopolar Generator, you can draw electricity from it and it does not bog down what is turning the magnet. And this is just one of the many benefits of this kind of generator.

If you literally take a disc magnet and put a shaft through it, you can spin it and you will produce a voltage potential between the circumference of the magnet and the shaft that the magnet is rotating around. Think about it – you’re producing electricity by doing nothing more than rotating a magnet in space. There are no generator coils or anything like what is necessary in a normal generator! Simple, simple, simple!

This is all good, but the downfall is that you wind up with current, but almost no usable voltage and this has been the case since Michael Faraday first invented the Homopolar Generator, which was in fact the very first generator. This has been the case since 1831.

For nearly 200 years, the Homopolar Generator has been more of a novelty to most although a few low voltage high current applications have been powered by large industrial homopolar generators.

At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I review the basic history and the most notable names who have been involved with this kind of generator and then I show a working model that I have used to charge some capacitors up to 150-160 volts! If you consider the fact that for the size of magnets I was rotating, I would be lucky to wind up with 0.5 volts! I have a neon bulb connected to the capacitor and the bulb blinks every time the capacitors are up to the trigger voltage of these neons, which is about 95-105 volts.

What this shows is that I’m able to get 200 TIMES THE VOLTAGE than is expected from this kind of generator, which could very well take the entire experimental world of homopolar generators to a whole other level of practicality unlike anything has ever been demonstrated. It appears that at the conference, the small demonstration model achieved a worlds record by showing that I have wound up with more voltage from a Homopolar Generator that anyone has achieved in the last two centuries!

This is VERY SIMPLE and I would encourage you to get a copy of this and experiment with it because even if you have very little technical knowledge, you can build this and make it work!

High Voltage N Machine, Advancing the Homopolar Generator by Aaron Murakami
High Voltage N Machine, Advancing the Homopolar Generator by Aaron Murakami

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High Voltage N-Machine

Faraday's Disc Dynamo
Faraday’s Disc Dynamo.

In 1831, Michael Faraday invented the Faraday Disc Generator. It was a simple copper disc rotating between 2 magnetic fields that were perpendicular to the conductor. It worked, but had efficiency problems with current moving in opposite direction away from the magnetic field as well as other issues.

Around 1977, Bruce DePalma invented the “N-Machine”, which was not predicted by Faraday or Maxwell as it had the magnets FIXED to the conductor and they rotated together – something that is not supposed to work but it does.


Today, there is still no satisfactory answer as to why it works and the conventional explanations fall flat.

DePalma’s presentation is available here as part of a large collection of videos called Classic Energy Videos

Later on Adam Trombly enhanced DePalma’s N-Machine and was given two gag orders by the Pentagon. Fortunately, the patent applications had already circulated world wide and Paramahamsa Tewari had replicated Trombly’s machine and to this day, they are still moving this technology forward.

The above mentioned machines of DePalma, Trombly and Tewari are legitimate “overunity” machines where more electricity can be taken from it than is required to run the prime mover.

The problem with many of these related machines is that they output a lot of current, but there is hardly any voltage. The voltage is so low it will be in the millivolts and to get anything in the couple volt range requires very large setups with very high RPM’s.

At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I’ll show the simplest and most elegant innovation to the N-Machine concept that has allowed me to charge a capacitor to 18 volts DC and the magnets are only 2 inches in diameter and they were spinning at only 2000 RPM at the most. This is a world’s record and is something that I came up with many years ago.

I’ve experimented with it off and on over the last few years and proven it to work indisputably and it is so simple that everyone will be wondering why nobody else has every figured this out until now.

This presentation will be the first presentation Saturday morning at the energy conference. All the seats are sold out, but the presentation will be released in the A & P Electronic Media catalog not too long after the conference.

The whole catalog is available at http://emediapress.com

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The Law Of Electrostatic Induction As Applied To The John G Trump Electrostatic Machine

The Law Of Electrostatic Induction As Applied To The John G Trump Electrostatic Machine by Eric Dollard and Aaron Murakami

For anyone that has followed Eric Dollard‘s work relating to Tesla and even Eric’s relationship with Chris Carson, many are interested in the electrostatic rotary converter built by Chris but very few know anything about it.

Here is Eric Dollard’s description as far as the content or sequence of the presentation (the 4 points below):

OBJECTIVE – A completely electro-static system of electric power, that is, non electro-magnetic, and free of any magnetic currents or materials, and its application to the Tesla Turbine.

DEVELOP – A practical electrostatic machine for the generation of electric power at the kilowatt level.

DEMONSTRATE – An operating electrostatic machine for the measurement of operating characteristics.

ESTABLISH – A suitable mathematical analysis to facilitate the engineering of an electrostatic induction machine.

This presentation will show you that the genesis of this reactionless, electrical generator, is John G. Trump during the time he was at MIT and was mentored by the famous Van de Graaff. Trump’s thesis was entirely on this subject and Van de Graff turned him on to the importance of using a vacuum as a dielectric to achieve very high voltage potentials at very narrow gaps. The MIT documents show that the claims are that this generator in a vacuum and under a load is “over 99% efficient” and that with larger builds, it can “exceed those efficiencies”.

Needless to say, that should capture the interest of anyone with a heartbeat. There have been multiple developers who have patented various iterations of this kind of generator over the years and one in particular appears to be virtually identical to what Chris Carson made. Eric Dollard is analyzing the mathematics involved based on Trump’s math and some equations from the patents in order to see who might be correct according to experimental evidence.

The first half of the demonstration, I cover the background story and then the second half, Eric covers the technical aspect of this generator. I follow up with a demonstration of the Carson generator, which is the worst case scenario. It is not in a vacuum, it doesn’t even have bearings but bushings. The rotary plates are put together by press-fit instead of being keyed and the nuts holding the shaft at both ends loosen or tighten up by the vibration. It’s a miracle it even made it through the conference.

When a motor spins the out of phase capacitor plates after it is excited with a few thousand volts, a sinewave is produced on the output of a step down transformer. When power is extracted from the output, it does not diminish the electrostatic charge on the capacitor, it is created by varying the capacitance between both halves with respect to time. This is all under the umbrella of parameter variation. It is known that in vacuum with minimal leakage (the demo unit having maximum leakage), that it takes an extremely long time before the charge has to be restored if at all. That is the self-sustaining aspect that Chris Carson found, Trump claimed as well as some patent holders of different variations of Trump’s generator.

Finally, you will know most of the full story behind this rotary electrostatic converter that many people have wondered about over the years and now you have it. The presentation also shows several covers to different papers by Trump including his thesis and a patent that are must have’s in order to delve deeper into the study of this machine. This is far from definitive because many experiments need to be done, a higher quality and more robust rotary capacitor needs to be built to run in a vacuum chamber – so have at it – you now have the keys to a truly reactionless generator where drawing a load from it does not reflect back to the prime mover and this is potentially, a Holy Grail generator once fully optimized.


Bedini RPX 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator – Rife Machine

Bedini RPX 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator – Rife Machine (Front)

Customers outside US

You MUST enter your phone number during checkout as it is required by USPS for shipping to an international address.


The BEDINI RPX 3.1 MHz SIDEBAND GENERATOR™  is sold only as an electronic research and test device. No claims are given and the user assumes full responsibility for how they use it. It is up to the buyer to comply with all applicable laws. There are no other purposes or applications for this device that are claimed or implied in any manner whatsoever.

By purchasing the RPX v3.0, you are agreeing to the no-refund policy and our Terms & Conditions for the sale of this research and test device.

Bedini RPX 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 Video Walkthrough

You’ll learn why this is more user friendly than the previous models, what it does, how it creates the real Rife Frequencies and other advantages compared to any other “Rife Machine” being offered anywhere else.


Optional but recommended old video where John Bedin explains the sideband generator method




Aaron Murakami demonstrates the NEW Bedini RPX v2.0 Sideband Generator and the sidebands and PUMPWAVE (our exclusive advantage). See Rife Frequencies verified in live time. This all applies exactly to the new RPX v3.0. This goes into more specifics on than the above video on the v3.0. Again, this applies EXACTLY to the 3.0.

This video shows you exactly how Rife & Hoyland created and calculated the frequencies in the so-called “Rife Machine.” This is the most succinct and simple explanation on the entire internet showing you these calculations.

The Real Rife Machine Explained

Bedini 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 - Rife Machine
The Bedini RPX Sideband Generator is the most legitimate electrode delivery “Rife Machine” in the world. The RPX incorporates the Pumpwave and if electrode delivery “Rife Machines” don’t have it, they not offering you the best. The following gives you simple clarification on what this means and why it is true.John Bedini, a world-renown genius was the leading authority on the real Rife technology until his untimely death back in November 2015. This was the last technology he released, which is but one of many technologies that are a part of the important legacy he left behind.We are dedicated to keeping John Bedini’s work alive so that all future generations can learn and benefit from his years of dedicated, tireless research and hard work. Presenting the Bedini RPX 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 – a simple but profound solution so the average person can put a legitimate “Rife Machine” in their hands without having to spend thousands of dollars and without winding up with something that has nothing to do with Rife, which is mostly what is currently available by most other companies.Please read the below carefully as it outlines the truth about Rife’s technology. And if you didn’t watch the videos up above, we’d highly recommend that you watch them as this written explanation and video presentations will solidify each other. Between those videos and this write up, you will know more about what Rife actually did that most so-called Rife “experts” who are selling machines that have absolutely nothing to do with Rife.

What Is A Rife Machine?

The Rife Machine invented by Royal Raymond Rife creates frequencies that hit the resonant frequency of whatever is targeted – or more accurately, creates frequencies that are even multiples of a resonant frequency in the form of a “sideband”, which happens to be ultra rich in harmonics of that desired resonant frequency. Sidebands will be explained soon.A crystal glass has a resonant frequency. An opera singer can sing a note that is in resonant with the crystal glass. If the opera singer increases the amplitude or strength of their voice for that particular note that is in resonance with the crystal glass, it can vibrate it so strongly that it will shatter. This is related to the principle that is in operation with the Rife Machine according to Rife, but most information available online about what Rife accomplished is false. Also, almost every machine available claiming to be a Rife Machine is not only built incorrectly because they’re not even producing the Rife Frequencies properly with sidebands and are therefore imposters.If a device does not create harmonically rich sidebands of the Rife Frequencies, it literally is just an extension of the signal generator scam started by John Crane way back, which is explained further down the page.

How Does A Rife Machine Work?

1. A circuit creates a carrier frequency in the 3 MHz range – John Bedini used 3.1 MHz. This frequency does not change and remains constant and was used because with a 3.1 MHz, the Rife Frequencies appeared stronger in the sidebands nearest the carrier.2. A second circuit or audio frequency generator produces fundamental frequencies from 1Hz to 40,000Hz. These audio frequencies were combined and MIXED with the fundamental 3.1 MHz. The frequency generator may continue pass the audio range for more benefit. Rife went to 40 kHz because that was the capability of a typical audio signal generator back then. For the most part, frequencies from the low 20 kHz to upper 30 kHz range was all that was used to create sidebands for every Rife Frequency in his day. You get all that and more with the RPX.3. The MIXING of the CARRIER + AUDIO frequencies together creates other frequencies called SIDEBANDS (explained down below) which hit the “Rife Frequencies” rather than directly creating a single frequency that is in resonance with a target, which is what almost all phony “Rife Machines” on the market are doing.Going up to 40 kHz allows sidebands to be produced (explained in the videos) that are multiples of the Rife Frequencies in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and all the way to the 8th sideband. However, the problem is that when you get further from the central carrier frequency, each sideband like the 4th, 5th, and on are just weaker and weaker and weaker. Although you’re hitting sidebands that are multiples of the Rife Frequencies, some of them are just ultra weak.John Bedini solved this issue by going to 150 kHz and when doing the math, all sidebands that are multiples of the Rife Frequencies are hit in the 1st and 2nd sidebands! That means that for the first time ever in any “Rife Machine”, all Rife Frequencies have a greater amplitude or strength than they ever have and only the RPX is doing this… and… this has been the case since late 2014 to early 2015 when John first released the RPX with the 150 kHz sweep protocol so again, the RPX is historically proven to not just be the best but the strongest electrode delivery Rife Machine in the world, indisputably…and when looking at the science, it is superior to gas tube delivery where most of the energy is wasted in heat. We’ll give you references that validate this in the near future.It would be easy for other companies offering “Rife Machines” that create sidebands to recommend that their customers also sweep to 150 kHz and that would empower them all the more. However, it would also be an admission that they didn’t understand the Rife method as well as John Bedini did to begin with and that they have been offering something that is much weaker than the RPX.

What Are Sidebands? (Please Watch The Videos As Well)

If two frequencies are mixed, additional frequencies called SIDEBANDS are created, which are the ADDITION of and the SUBTRACTION of those frequencies. In electrical engineering talk, this is called Heterodyning.For example, if you have a carrier frequency of 3,100,000 Hz (3.1 MHz) and you mix an audio frequency of 20,000 Hz (20 kHz), you will create two additional frequencies. The 3,100,000 Hz frequency will still be available, but you also get 3,100,000 + 20,000 = 3,120,000 Hz (3.12 MHz). A frequency of the difference between the two is also created such as 3,100,000 – 20,000 = 3,080,000 Hz (3.08 MHz). So, you get all three frequencies, 3.08 MHz, 3.1 MHz, and 3.12 MHz all at the exact same time.The frequency that is additive is GREATER than the carrier and the frequency that is the difference is LESS THAN the carrier. The greater one is called the “Upper Sideband” and the lesser one is called the “Lower Sideband.”This is a picture from a spectrum analyzer. This does not show the waveform, but rather, it shows what frequencies are being measured. In the very center is 3.1 MHz, which is the carrier frequency produced by the Bedini RPX Sideband Generator. It is the tallest, which means it’s amplitude or voltage is the highest for that particular frequency.On the left and right of that carrier frequency are other frequencies measured that are GREATER THAN (on the right side of the carrier) and LESS THAN (on the left side of the carrier) the carrier frequency of 3.1 MHz. Those are the upper and lower sidebands.Animation of Bedini RPX SidebandsThe sidebands are moving away from the carrier towards the left (less than) and the right (greater than). As those peaks move away, they are hitting other frequencies as the signal generator sweeps through it’s pre-determined range.The TARGET “RIFE FREQUENCIES” were produced by Rife using this EXACT method of mixing frequencies. The actual resonant frequency of that, which is being targeted was “hidden” in the sidebands. The sidebands hit multiples of the resonant frequency and this is how Rife did it. There is further clarification that will be given. You can watch the video above on calculating the Rife Frequencies in order to understand this more fully.

Sweep Method

Animation of Bedini RPX PumpwaveTake note than if a single frequency such as 20 kHz was mixed with the 3.1 MHz carrier, then there would only be one frequency on the left and right side of the carrier as described. However, take note that you see about 5 sidebands on the left and right of the carrier. We’ll now explain why there are more than one.Rife’s trusted assistant Hoyland was the one who developed the “Sweep Method” of producing and hitting the Rife Frequencies. Hoyland would sweep through a dial on an audio signal generator from 0 to 40 kHz over and over at various speeds. What this does is MIX each audio frequency as it is produced with the carrier in the lower 3MHz range.The image right here is the real Rife/Hoyland waveform.As all frequencies are swept through with the audio signal generator, all sidebands are created for every possible frequency and fractional frequency as you see in the picture above. The sidebands on both sides of the carrier move away little by little from the carrier frequency toward the left and right as new sidebands are constantly being created. What this means is that EVERY single “Rife Frequency” is guaranteed to be produced even in the operator does not know what the exact frequencies are. Additionally, frequencies are hit for targets that Rife never knew about.This SWEEP METHOD is what Rife and Hoyland evolved the “Rife Machine” technology to and is the preferred operating method. It is their greatest achievement – it is the ULTIMATE EVOLUTION of everything Rife wanted.With the carrier and sidebands being of a relatively high frequency, this was broadcast by tubes that illuminated under the output power of the machines and these radio frequencies were directed right through a target so delivery of these frequencies where they were desired to go was no problem. Unfortunately, most of the energy in the gas tube delivery method was very inefficient because most was wasted in heat – the studies show that electrode delivery is superior and with John Bedini’s Pumpwave method that we’ll get into, it has taken electrode delivery to a whole other level.

The Signal Generator Scam

Rife later had an assistant named John Crane who turned out to be someone that was highly incompetent. He never understood what Rife and Hoyland did and eventually started to sell simple frequency generators claiming that one could simply output one of the “Rife Frequencies” and it would do the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Watch the first video on this page by John Bedini where he mentions John Crane.John Bedini became friends with Crane in order to learn what he knew about Rife’s technology and it wasn’t long before it became apparent that Crane was clueless. Bedini was a genius with electronics and had a lot of military background with radio frequency equipment.With Crane’s signal generators, the output was simply applied by electrodes. This is one of the first clues that Crane didn’t know what he was doing. Crane simply had no idea what Rife really did – he thought you could just divide the frequencies by 10, output that through a signal generator and somehow magically, you have a Rife Machine.
Signal Generator

Signal Generator

To this day, many manufactures of “Rife Machines” are simply selling signal generators and are continuing the same scam as John Crane whether they know it or not.If you’ve searched around for information on Rife Machines, you may have come across something that looks like the signal generator in the picture to the left. It’s an excellent signal generator for producing the audio frequencies that need to be mixed with the 3.1 MHz carrier frequency, but that is the only function it has in a Rife system. Many companies have sold this kind of unit all by itself claiming it is a Rife machine because they’re pulling the same scam as John Crane because they don’t understand what Rife actually did. The unit in the picture to the left was originally included with the RPX system to serve the only purpose it should ever have and that is being a signal generator, period.Take note that the NEW Bedini RPX V3.0 has it’s own built in signal generator so it is not only the best Rife Machine available, it is now the most user friendly because it doesn’t require any extra attachments or peripherals. You can choose to use your own external signal generator if you wish but it isn’t necessary. Getting away from digital is always one of the best things you can possibly do.Keep in mind that we DO want a signal generator to produce the audio frequencies but the only way to actually have a real system that produces the Rife Frequencies with sidebands the way that Rife and Hoyland did, you need the RPX unit plain and simple! The NEW Bedini RPX V3.0 has it built into the same unit! The effectiveness was always proven with the SIDEBANDS because there is movement and a wobble to the radio frequencies being produced and that is what worked. With a steady simple frequency from a function generator, this vibration or wobble is non-existent.Also, keep in mind that many companies selling signal generators as Rife Machines have a model that revolves around punching in exact Rife Frequencies, but Rife and Hoyland didn’t do that. Sure, they can set the audio signal generator to a particular frequency to mix with the fundamental for whatever they are targeting, but the sweep method obsoletes the need to even know what any of the Rife Frequencies are. That makes it more versatile and more user friendly. Companies selling the idea that you have to punch in specific frequencies is simply evidence that they don’t understand what Rife and Hoyland actually developed with the Sweep Method.We used to offer this exact signal generator, which is a 20 MHz capable unit, which is way more than what you need. Also look at all the function buttons on this one, it is way more robust than what many others are selling but now it is completely obsolete!



Bedini RPX Pumpwave Waveform

Animation of Bedini RPX Pumpwave

The Bedini RPX 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 is an electrode delivery device, but there is a huge difference that actually enables it to deliver the frequencies in a superior manner than any electrode delivery device available anywhere but it does more than that! An animated gif to the left with the blue waveform shows this.There is an additional circuit in the RPX that produces a low frequency carrier wave that the high frequency carrier 3.1 MHz and sidebands are super-imposed on and the low frequency carrier enables it to not only have superior deliverability but it literally acts like a pump to sequentially pump the Rife Rife frequencies to their destination in a way that nobody has ever accomplished.This low frequency carrier wave is modified by the sweeping audio frequencies, which enhances how the low frequency carrier operates and is delivered.

RPX Output

The RPX output can be through electrode delivery or the output can be applied to a single wire pancake spiral coil for electromagnetic delivery, which is a growing area of research. Both methods are commonly used but electrode delivery was believed to be superior by John Bedini.

Why No Plasma Tube?

It costs thousands of dollars and use a lot of power. Most of the energy is wasted in heat in creating the plasma itself and only a small percent of that energy is broadcast as radio waves to where they are desired to go. Since this is true, it is only necessary to have a small unit that directly transmits the Rife Frequencies by electrodes using the Pump Wave method, which essentially obsoletes the entire need to have plasma tubes and at a fraction of the energy cost. The plasma tubes look cool so have a real eye-candy aspect to them, but they’re completely unnecessary.If you watch the videos up above, you can see the Bedini RPX Sideband Generator is producing the EXACT waveforms and sidebands that his “MOPA” (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) unit is producing in the plasma bulb. Technically, it’s not a MOPA for it does act like on in a casual manner. Actually, the RPX unit produces a cleaner and higher quality carrier frequency of 3.1 MHz as well as sidebands since the oscillator that produces the fundamental frequency is EXACT to 5-6 decimals. That is virtually impossible to achieve with a tube type of oscillator. John Bedini does favor a wobble in the carrier, but with the sweep method, all the variability is already intrinsically built in.

What’s New About The RPX v3.0?

Since the original RPX had a single LED that shows when the Pumpwave is pulsing and there was no option to turn it off, but there was no separate power light. Now there is a switch to turn the Pumpwave on and off so when it is off, there is a separate power light to let you know the unit is still on. This has been an option since the Bedini RPX v2.0 and it remains in the Bedini RPX v3.0.The purpose of the switch is to let you have the Pumpwave when you want the output going through electrodes since that is the entire point of having the Pumpwave. However, many researchers want to study the Rife Frequencies in their pure form with the 3.1 MHz fundamental with the sidebands without the Pumpwave. Perhaps they want to send the output to a pancake coil, other coil, or they want it to modulate some low power plasma bulb or send it to some other light or sound source – in that case, the switch can be used to turn the Pumpwave off.It is much more versatile and since the upgrades didn’t increase our manufacturing costs too much, we were able to offer the v3.0 RPX for the SAME PRICE as the previous versions! That’s right – no price increase for a much more flexible unit. With the newest v3.0 – we’re doing everything we can to keep the cost as close to the same as possible. Obviously, it is a much more streamlined unit that cost a small fortune to develop over many months and here it is!At least for the introductory period, we’ll try to keep prices low but realize, that means you’re getting it for 1/2 to 1/3 or less than what is should be selling for.

Real Rife Machine Availability

There is only one other company that manufacturers a machine that produces sidebands like Rife and it costs over $1800 and is the RPXs closest competitor. Their sweep frequency is limited to 40 kHz so we already know that the 150 kHz sweep is superior in every aspect. John Bedini had collaborated with the developer of that machine over the years and unfortunately that machine has capabilities that only John Crane was speaking about so it can’t be trusted as original Rife technology.
Bedini RPX 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator Rife Machine
The most legitimate electrode delivery Rife Machine in the world continues to be the Bedini RPX 3.1 MHz Sideband Generator. We’re thrilled to be able to offer the v3.0 after all these years. There is no other electrode based Rife Machine that offers the features of this machine and it only costs a fraction of not only the tube machines but also the digital electrode machines! It also cost less than most simple signal generators that are sold as Rife Machines as well so not only are you getting the best technology, you’re getting it for the best price.The closest competitor’s product retails for over $1800 – the RPX is stronger, more streamlined, doesn’t have the digital electronics that could fail, sweeps to 150 kHz to make stronger sidebands that correlate to Rife’s Frequencies and it has John Bedini’s ultra genius Pumpwave exclusive to the RPX. The suggested retail price for the RPX 3.0 should be $2000 to $2500 but we will post a retail of $1495 and it is worth way more and this current phase of the introductory special is $795, which will expire at any time unannounced.


Although we have a NO REFUND policy for these units, we do offer a 1 year guarantee! If at anytime the RPX unit malfunctions within 1 year from the purchase date, contact us for return authorization before sending anything back to us. We will attempt to repair any malfunction and if it is repairable, we will replace said item with a new unit. Any attempt to open any of these devices to repair it yourself without our authorization automatically voids your warranty. Less than 0.5% of the previous edition RPX combos ever had any problems and almost all the problems were with the Chinese signal generators and not with the RPX itself.


Our new RPX™ Sideband Generators are professionally manufactured right here in Spokane, Washington, USA. The circuit boards are assembled at a local PCB assembly company and will be assembled at our own shop where we manufacture/assemble our Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillators. The quality and workmanship is guaranteed. We choose to employ people in our own hometown and we hope you can appreciate that.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s included in the box?

    With each RPX order, you will receive 1 x RPX unit, 1 x battery charger, 1 x output cable and 1 x instruction sheet.

  • What kind of electrodes can I get and/or where can I get them?

    We just use cheap copper tubing from the hardware store. About 2 pieces that are around 1/2″ diameter and about 3-4 inches long. Just clip the leads to it. Shine them up with a souring pad when they get oxidized. The electrode type is not critical – just needs to be something conductive.

  • Should we use conductive gel with the electrodes?

    Yes, use one that is free of parabens such as this: Conductive Gel

  • How long should the RPX be used?

    15 minutes on the low end and up to 60 minutes at the top end.

  • How long will the battery last?

    When fully charged, you will get many hours of use out of it but it is recommended to charge the battery up after every couple hours of use.

  • Can the RPX power a plasma tube?

    That is a regression in the technology because electrodes with the Bedini Pumpwave obsoletes electromagnetic or plasma output. The RPX does not have enough power to drive a tube.

  • Can the RPX output be put to a electromagnetic coil?

    Yes, it is not as good as electrodes with the Bedini Pumpwave but you can take some insulated wire around 20 AWG and about 40 feet long and wind a spiral that you glue to a piece of plastic or wood. Take the 2 output leads and connect them to the inner and outer leads of the pancake/spiral coil. Silver wire with cotton insulation would be recommended but we cannot assist you in finding any.

  • Can this be used radionically?

    Make a pancake coil as described above and put your witness, etc. on the coil. There are no guarantees as this is all for research and testing.

  • Can I enter frequencies into the RPX?

    Not directly and that would defeat the purpose of having an authentic Rife frequency generator. The audio frequencies sweep from low to high while mixing with a carrier to produce sidebands that are harmonics of the “Rife Frequencies” – that is how Rife and his assistant Hoyland did it and that is how you should create the frequencies too. You can use an external signal generator to input any low frequency you want so that when it mixes with the 3.1MHz carrier, you will create sidebands that are harmonics of your own desired frequency.

  • How can I calculate what audio frequency to input to create sidebands that are harmonics of my desired frequency?

    Use the calculator on this page. Leave 3100000 in the carrier frequency field. Enter your desired frequency in that field such as 432. Press Enter. You will see that you need to use an audio frequency of 32 Hz that mixes with the 3.1 MHz carrier to produce sidebands that are harmonics of 432 Hz. Watch the video on this website that teaches you how to calculate them if you want to learn how to do it without a calculator.

  • How long is shipping?

    If RPX units are in stock, they ship within 24-72 hours and if you’re in the USA, you’ll receive it in about 3 business days. If in Canada or overseas, it will take about 10 business days.


Enter the Carrier Frequency and Desired Frequency
Heterodyne Number (Multiplier)
Heterodyne Frequency
Signal Generator Frequency
Sideband Calculator by Tesla Scientific

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Bedini RPX v3.0 Rife Machine – Presales Open February 17, 2022

Bedini 3.1MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 Prototype "Rife Machine"

It’s very exciting to finally release version 3.0 of the most authentic Rife Frequency generator manufactured anywhere in the world. The link at the end of this sentence titled “Rife Machine” takes you to the Vril.io RPX page that explains why that is true – scroll back up to this link but read this page first: Rife Machine

Below is a sneak peak at the Bedini RPX 3.1MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 – “Rife Machine”. If you’re not familiar with what a sideband generator is, the above link will take you to a page that explains it. Any machine that correctly produces “Rife Frequencies” the way that Rife and his assistant Philip Hoyland did must be done with “sidebands” or it is not a Rife Machine – this is an indisputable, historically-documented fact.

RPX stands for Rife, Priore and an X-Factor but it really should stand for Rife, Priore and Bedini because what his genius incorporated into the RPX is in fact the X-Factor. When we release the v3.0, you’ll learn why the RPX is far superior to any other device even remotely similar and there is only one that is close that I know of and that John Bedini truly was the world’s leading authority on what Rife was doing.


First, here’s a picture of the original unit – it worked perfect but was a bit cumbersome since you have to connect an external signal generator and external battery but this is how John Bedini originally released it late 2014 or early 2015. Below, you’ll see the obvious point to the new RPX 3.0 and why my goal was to make the most user friendly “Rife Machine” ever developed and it has been successfully accomplished.

Bedini RPX 2.0

Below you can see the prototype (no logo or labels for the knobs, switches or jacks). The signal generator inside was designed by Paul Babcock so this couldn’t have happened without his brilliant help. Others were kind enough to offer their services to design one in the past but at that time, the cost was prohibitive, plus, I wanted to stay away from digital as much as possible because digital is fake and analog is of the real world. THE SIGNAL GENERATOR IS 100% ANALOG. Both Rife and Bedini would be thrilled about that!

  1. The LEFT KNOB controls the TIME of the sweep. Specifics will be forthcoming.
  2. The SWITCH between the knobs in the down position leaves it in WIDEBAND MODE so it sweeps from close to 0Hz up to 150kHz to create sidebands that are all even multiples of EVERY SINGLE Rife Frequency automatically without having to. Rife went to 40kHz because that was the upper range of a typical audio signal generator. Why go to 150kHz? It’s one of the things that makes this superior to any sideband generator that creates the Rife Frequencies and I’ll show the math and demonstrations for this so you understand what this means and why it is important. What did Bedini know that Rife and Hoyland possibly didn’t? You’ll find out soon on the page where these units will be available for pre-order on February 17th, 2022.
  3. The RIGHT KNOB controls the narrow band sweep. When the switch is in the up position, it activates the narrow band mode. I’m asked all the time about focusing on certain frequencies. It’s always a bad idea to use any single static frequency as a “wobble” or variation in the frequency was always what was found to be superior. So within the 150kHz range, the narrow band will focus on a 25-30kHz range. If the knob is all the counterclockwise, it will sweep from almost 0Hz up to about 25kHz and as you rotate the dial clockwise, it will keep a 25-30kHz sweep width but higher up in the 150kHz range. There will be a chart printed on top of the case that shows you what frequency range you are at based on the number on the dial, which will be printed on the front panel.

Scroll down to the top of the next picture for an explanation of the rest of the features on the front panel – I just want to break up the text a bit to make it easier to read.

Bedini 3.1MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 Prototype "Rife Machine"
  1. The switch at the top next to the gold RCA jack allows you to use the internal signal generator, which is all anyone will need 99.99% of the time. In the down position, you will be using the internal signal generator and the two knobs and switch to the left. But for those of you who are more technically oriented, you can move the switch in the up position and you can then plug in your own signal generator into that RCA jack. ONLY USE SINE WAVE AND LIMIT THE OUTPUT VOLTAGE OF YOUR SIGNAL GENERATOR TO 2 VOLTS MAX or you can damage the unit. You will able to narrow the sweep to perhaps a few kilocycles on either side of a target frequency to get more specific, extend sweep times beyond what is possible with the internal signal generator or even use frequencies that will produce sidebands that are even multiples of frequencies like 432Hz or any other frequency set of numbers using this method. We’ll teach you how to calculate all that with videos that will be available.
  2. The RED and BLACK banana jacks at the bottom are the output jacks. We supply a cable that you can plug into that and on the other end are alligator clips. You only have to supply your own electrodes. Inexpensive copper tubing from a hardware store than you can get for a few dollars per foot is all you need. Two pieces about 4″ long and maybe 3/8 to 1/2″ diameter is sufficient. Conductive gel is recommended and this one is the only one I could easily find that is free of parabens – this is our Amazon affiliate link: Conductive Gel

    If you’re mechanically inclined, we’d recommend cutting off the alligator clips and soldering the wires to the tubes or adding ring terminals and screwing them to the tubes. Later on, we may recommend a company where you can get some electrodes.
  3. The top right LED light is a RED power light that shows the RPX power is turned on (switch is on the back).
  4. The LED directly under that shows when the PUMPWAVE is on and it will also be RED – just the prototype has the blue light and its just too bright. The switch underneath that can be switched to turn the Pumpwave off and on. This is another one John Bedini’s genius innovations. With the switch off, you can still get the classic Rife Frequencies with the 3.1MHz carrier and sidebands. With the switch on, you get the low frequency carrier (another carrier) that puts the 3.1MHz carrier and sidebands on it and that Pumpwave is a 8-9Hz square wave that takes electrode delivery to another level. Literally, there is nothing that compares to the Bedini 3.1MHz Sideband Generator v3.0.

Above the next picture is a description of what is on the back of the RPX.

Bedini 3.1MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 Prototype "Rife Machine"
  1. The jack and switch below will be flush with the panel on the final units. The jack on the left is for a 16.8 volt 1 amp, regulated lithium-ion charger. The red light on the charger will be on while it is charging and when it is finished charging, the green light will come on. You will not be able to use the RPX while the battery is charging – plugging in the charger will disconnect the battery from the circuit. Please charge the battery fully before using the RPX for the first time. The average use time the RPX is on is about 15 to 30 minutes so you will get a good number of uses before you have to charge the battery again. The switch on the right is the off/on switch to turn on the power. In the down position, it will be off and in the up position, it will be on.
Bedini 3.1MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 Prototype "Rife Machine"
Bedini 3.1MHz Sideband Generator v3.0 - Rife Machine

I’ll make a video walk thru and will put that on the RPX page when pre-orders are open on February 17th along with pricing, etc.

The RPX v2.0 model sold for $425 itself (required you to provide your own battery and signal generator) or $650 for the whole combo kit that included everything except the electrodes. My goal was to make this new RPX 3.0 available for as close to the RPX v2.0 price as possible. The RPX v3.0 will cost more because my production costs are higher. The first 50 (most likely 50) units for pre-sale will be at a super low price compared to what the retail price should be.

Keep in mind that the next closest machine that even comes close to a “Rife Machine” retails for over $1800. That means that since this is a superior technology and it is a super specialty item not available anywhere else that the RPX v3.0 should have a retail price of around $2000 to $2500 (but it won’t be) and it would be worth ever penny comparing value vs value in terms of sale price.

Make sure to order as soon as the pre-order page opens up on February 17th because you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing! You’ll also be earning points on emediapress.com that is good for credit toward digital downloads. More to come…

Remember to go to this page to learn more in depth about the truth about what a Rife Rife machine is and what it isn’t’: Rife Machine

Energy Science And Technology Conference

July 5-9, 2023

Spokane, Washington, USA







17 AUTHORITATIVE PRESENTERS (Some presenters are delivering two presentations) Presentations are subject to change


In-person and live streaming tickets available


Come to Emediapress.com HQ and meet the presenters

Live Streaming

Watch the entire conference online

Conference Schedule

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JULY 5-9 (Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, & Sun)














The Toltec system of knowledge is a vast system of experiential knowledge acquired over aeons upon aeons of time, and handed down from one generation to another only through oral and experiential training. The word Toltec simply means “a man or woman of knowledge”, and is independent of race, gender, religion, country, language, or any other differentiating factors within humanity. The Toltecs have systematically developed and evolved their knowledge of life and the universe, often quietly behind the scenes, and far from the normal daily pursuits of the world. The Toltecs have long understood that the outer-world is but a reflection of the diversity and richness of our inner-world. Modern science is currently a good description of the form of the natural world, in other words the outer-world, what things are made-of, and how these forms interact with one-another on the outside, the what, where, and the how of the physical form. The Toltec system of knowledge goes beyond this outer form, and works with the inner-world, intelligence, awareness, perception, and the hidden knowledge and understanding, the why, purpose for, and meaning of life’s most fundamental principles. The practical application of the Toltec system of knowledge grows your awareness, and can transform your life far beyond your present comprehension. When we each contribute to the growth of humanity’s collective awareness, we will bring about a more inclusive, inter-dependent, and life-supportive approach, and a multidisciplinary understanding of our-self, each other, and the natural world. Little known or understood, this presentation introduces this system of knowledge, who the Toltecs are, and what they have accomplished through studying the great mystery and problems of the physical and spiritual universes.

Adrian Marsh has been pioneering in research, innovation, and invention for almost four decades in science, technology, and computing, both within conventional science and the new science. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, where he undertook several years of ground-breaking research in superconducting coherent quantum effect devices. Core fields of current research include Tesla Energy and Electricity research, Quantum Device Physics, Coherent Low-Level Laser Holistic Medical devices, and Esoteric Science and Medicine. Adrian has replicated many of Eric Dollard’s fundamental Tesla based experiments in electricity, and also rediscovered the Golden Ratio Discharge using a specialised Tesla coil apparatus. His day-to-day research activities are orientated to the discovery of the underlying principles and processes within the Wheelwork of Nature, including Telluric Power Transmission, Non-Linear Open Energy Systems, Displacement and Transference of Electric Power, and Esoteric Energetic Systems. Adrian’s research is self-funded through the not-for-profit organisation AMInnovations, and is supported by The Foundation for Toltec Research. https://www.am-innovations.com/

9:45am~10:00am BREAK (15 min)


Quartet is a fortnightly episodic premium feature where John Petersen, Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, Kingsley Dennis, and Mark Gober share their unique insights on this extraordinary global transition, what is happening, and what is on the horizon. John will be hosting this call live from the 2023 ESTC. After the Quartet episode concludes, there will be a brief break and then John Petersen and Gregg Braden will have a one on one conversation about breakthrough technologies.

John Petersen is considered by many to be one of the most informed futurists in the world. He is best-known for writing and thinking about high impact surprises (wild cards) and the process of surprise anticipation. His current professional involvements include the development of sophisticated tools for anticipatory analysis and surprise anticipation, long-range strategic planning and helping leadership design new approaches for dealing with the future. Mr. Petersen’s government and political experience include stints at the National War College, the Institute for National Security Studies, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council staff at the White House. He was a naval flight officer in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve and is a decorated veteran of both the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars. He has served in senior positions for a number of presidential political campaigns and was an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1984. He was twice the runner-up to be Secretary of the Navy. Learn more: https://arlingtoninstitute.org/



Copper metal was long-known to the ancients as a powerful healing modality, but its health benefits have largely been forgotten over the centuries. More recently, mainstream science has come to recognize metallic copper as one of the most powerful antimicrobial substances in existence, with hundreds of research studies and thousands of academic papers published on the subject around the world. In 2021, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formally registered metallic copper, and some copper alloys, as providing “long-term effectiveness against viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.” The EPA states that metallic copper surfaces “eliminate 99.9 percent of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, within two hours.” In this presentation Mr. Weintraub reveals that the entire scientific community is missing or ignoring the most important, and potentially the most useful human health benefit offered by metallic copper, an inexpensive, easily available element. The implications for human health, longevity, and disease management cannot be overstated.

Abner Weintraub is a recognized national authority on HIPAA, the controlling US law that protects the privacy of individual health data. Abner founded and sold a number of companies over the years, including CommercePay, the world’s first fully insured internet payments system; and DynaSearch, the first US-based private intelligence service. He has also worked for Lucent Technologies Global Optical Networking Group, as a Business Case Study Developer and Manager, and Sprint United Telephone, as their Manager of Consumer Market Research. Abner’s deepest passion however, has always been in the areas of ‘weird science’, cosmology and scientific anomalies, and since childhood, he has been a student of such luminaries as Tesla, Bearden, Wheeler, Einstein, Sarfatti and many others. He has collected a massive library of tens of thousands of relevant items in his fields of interest. Abner considers his most recent work with metallic copper to be the most important work of his life.

1:45pm~2:00pm BREAK (15 min)


The current set of experiments come about through the findings of Geesink and Meijer, some of which I talked about last year. (The life beneficial frequencies and the life detrimental frequencies.) And on the most recent findings of Geesink and Meijer, there is yet more to say. There is some linkage between magnetically treating water with frequencies to structure it and the resulting properties of the structured water. The change in the water due to the frequency treatment involves a quantum field effect that causes the water to have a memory of the frequency. And because of that it falls within the subtle energy world including the homeopathic world. In a certain way, the treatment alters the bonding angle between the hydrogen and the oxygen and it sets up vibrations within the water’s coherent domains where I hypothesize that the water molecules become entangled. They all vibrate together. I suspect the vibrations are not the electron bonding vibrations. They are the vibrations of the potential electric field and potential magnetic field, which are holding the memory. Why is any of this important? Each of our organs, each of our chakras, have vibrations due to the structured water in their tissues. If we know that an organ or chakra is weak, and if we know what the structured water properties the organ or chakra needs, we can treat water with the corresponding frequencies and the person can drink the treated water to strengthen the organ or chakra. Or the treatment may be given directly to the organ or chakra. My experiments will yield the data of how different frequencies change the water properties and that information with the information about what properties the water needs to have for an organ or chakra will be relevant in the vibration medicine world. At this time, what I am doing is too far out from the vibration medicine world. So it has to be considered as basic research that is interesting for the Energy Science and Technology Conference just because of the Einstein Planck relation between energy and frequency.

Professor Robert M. Haralick received a B.A. degree in mathematics from the University of Kansas in 1964, a B.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1966, and a M.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1967. In 1969, after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas, he joined the faculty of the electrical engineering department, serving as professor from 1975 to 1978. In 1979 he joined the electrical engineering department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he was a professor and director of the spatial data analysis laboratory. From 1984 to 1986 he served as vice president of research at Machine Vision International, Ann Arbor, MI and occupied a Boeing Professorship in the department of electrical engineering at the University of Washington from 1986 through 2000. At UW, he was an adjunct professor in the computer science and bioengineering department. In 2000 Professor Haralick accepted a Distinguished Professorship position at the computer science department of the Graduate Center, City University of New York. At the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference, he presented: Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Field Experiments, Robert M. Haralick, Guy Obolensky and Loren Zanier. https://haralick.org/

4:00pm~4:15pm BREAK (15 min)


The focus in this presentation is to step back and take a ‘birds-eye-view’ of both the established and the fringe science and find common themes/mechanics between them. How does Lorentz’ Special Relativity relate to electrical engineering, and is it compatible with the works of Eric Dollard, Heaviside, and others? How can we tell if a theory is accurate, and how might we design experiments to confirm or falsify a model or claim? Are there common threads between different claimed ‘overunity’ devices? Parametric variation is a major theme of the talk, and the demonstration(s) will be a reflection of that. A much improved ‘Carson rotary electrostatic converter’ aka Trump motor is planned for demonstration as well as other models to demonstrate key principles of fringe tech.

Hakasays is a builder and experimenter that has been studying fringe sciences his entire life. His interests and projects have spanned a wide array of fields, from electronics to computers to engineering and machining. His guiding doctrine is that of MacGyver and Robert Heinlein, that “specialization is for insects”. He’s attended multiple ESTC conferences and gleaned many useful ideas and experiments from the presenters and attendees, especially from the technically-focused presenters. His most recent works follow Eric Dollard’s foray into Seismic Forecasting, Tesla Coils, Cosmic Induction, and parametric variation. Hakasays presented last year on Build A Tesla Coil The Way Tesla Built Them. https://emediapress.com/shop/build-a-tesla-coil-the-way-tesla-built-them/






7:50am~8:00am AARON MURAKAMI – ANNOUNCEMENTS (10 min)


Inspired by a video posted online in 2009 of one Martin Grusenick from Germany who conducted a simple experiment with a self-built Michelson interferometer oriented to the vertical plane, through prodding from friends, Chris Machado took the investigation to the next step. The Grusenick device was examined and rebuilt with several modifications and upgrades while staying true to the Grusenick design. This in order to be sure we could reasonably compare results with Grusenick’s device.
This presentation will open with a brief review covering the background of the ether-drift concept and experiments to date. We’ll then review the experiment with the modified Grusenick-style interferometer, sharing results and analysis of over 130 turns and 3,336 data points collected. We’ll close the discussion with a review of ideal approaches to a further iteration on the device design and experiment.

Chris Machado is an American engineer who has been living and working in Asia for over 15 years. Born in the northwest, United States, Chris has spent his professional career with a small though global group of companies specializing in base hardware manufacturing with aerospace and heavy duty truck applications, as well as low voltage solar power systems and portable energy storage device system development, design and manufacturing. Now a small business owner, Chris is advancing his long held plans in technology innovation, putting to work his many years of work experience, skill building, and research.

9:30am~4:45am BREAK (15 min)


Over 80 years ago, William Skinner built a machine that uses gravity as a source of potential to amplify the input into his machine at a claimed increase of 1200%. From the video evidence, this appears to be greatly understated. It is commonly thought that gravity is static and can do no work, but understanding the true nature of the dynamic properties of gravity, gravity is definitely a source of potential that can be used. This machine has been discussed for many years on Energetic Forum and elsewhere. Aaron was the first to point out the obvious fact that Skinner’s input mechanism was of an elliptical nature but virtually every replication attempt posted online by independent builders have a circular input mechanism. Even the old news releases announcing Skinner’s machine clearly states that the “eccentrics”, which are the elliptical input mechanisms, are part of the secret. Mark and Aaron are the only ones that appear to be attempting a replication using this eccentric input method rather than the circular input that has failed everyone else. The full scale model completely built by Mark that will be displayed is still under construction without any claims given. This presentation aims to clearly show the evidence of Skinner’s eccentric input from the original 1939 video, which Aaron has pointed out multiple times in the past on YouTube and in Energetic Forum but has remained wholly ignored by the builders as well as pointing out once again what the original news releases describe, which matches what is obvious in the video.

Mark Dorsten is an independent researcher who has attended multiple ESTC events and has followed much of the work of many of the presenters. William Skinner’s 1939 Gravity Power Machine was being discussed on Energetic Forum and it captured my interest. Over the last several years, much of my spare time has been devoted to replicating this machine in order to validate the claims. 

Aaron Murakami has a Bachelors of Science in Natural Health and is a founder and organizer of the Energy Science & Technology Conference as well as A & P Electronic Media. He has open sourced many gigabytes of his work in Energetic Forum for many years – that includes his work on the plasma ignition, the “Gray Tube”, the water fuel cell technology, and others. He is also a founder of Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum, which has a combined membership of over 130,000. Aaron is committed to the development and distribution of highly disruptive information. He is a former health food store owner and has spearheaded many ventures. He is a consultant to several technology groups. His books include The Quantum Key, Course in Mind Power and Redox Signaling Molecules. His invention of the world’s most efficient plasma ignition system that ignites water in an engine has been awarded a U.S. Patent. At the 2017 ESTC, his presentation Hacking the Aether set a new standard for a simple to understand Unified Field model based on a dynamic and fluid Aether.



Building upon the groundbreaking research of Mike Clarke’s Reactive Power Generator and the insightful presentation by Paul Babcock, this exciting new presentation takes the next step in exploring the potential of pulse motor concepts. We will delve into the various aspects of this technology in modular form. These modules, developed as a result of years of research and development, will be available for purchase after the conference. Now, you can bring this cutting-edge technology into your own experiments to replicate the results seen in the data-logging graphs shown by Mike Clarke in previous presentations.

Paul Babcock has thirty years of experience in industrial electronic applications, as a technician, training specialist, service manager, project manager and applications and design engineer. Paul has worked with public entities and private organizations in fields ranging from avionics, power generation, telephony and alternative energy. He has broad experience designing and implementing custom communication and electronics systems in both the public and private sectors, and in developing large-scale communications solutions for the oil and gas industry. Paul is recognized for his expertise in alternative energy systems and power generation for companies and individuals, especially in remote locations. https://paulmariobabcock.com/

2:00pm~2:15pm BREAK (15 min)


Last year’s flame speaker was 100 watts, this year, it will be around 2000 watts. The audio modulator bay is 100% complete and the RF bay is well on its way. We have some makeshift modifications that we had time to complete for the conference. We’ll continue to completion after the conference. There will be multiple demonstrations with this universal, high frequency and high voltage test equipment.

3:45pm~4:00pm BREAK (15 min)


At the close of the Nineteenth Century, research as conducted by Nikola Tesla became exceedingly directed towards high vacuum – high frequency vacuum tubes. Tesla produced a variety of single electrode lamps, some of which manufactured rather unique rays, dubbed as Shadowgraphs. As opposed to succeeding contemporaries including W. C. Röentgen, whom of which proclaimed a similar effect, Nikola Tesla ultimately discovered an exceptional form of ray, similar to conventional Röentgen Rays, while not possessing inherent characteristics. Tesla later dwelled upon these special single-electrode tubes, realizing their implication in radiant matter applications, as well as their electrostatic effects. This presentation will cover the replication and a rigorous scientific exploration into the realm of the Tesla Radiant Matter – Shadowgraph Tube. As well as the covering of perfected versions of the apparati, not expounded upon since the 1890’s.

Griffin Brock is a mathematician and experimenter who focuses on the development of new electrical concepts and inventions, which pertain to the field of power distribution and radio frequency engineering. Although having recently completed high school, he is a self taught engineer who is predisposed to understanding the function of natural phenomena through the lens of an electrical standpoint. He has presented at the last two ESTC conferences, the first being on the successful replication of Eric Dollard’s Seismic Forecasting system, as applied to a suburban backyard setting. The latter being a scale model representation of a three phase distribution system, whereby the negative effects of wye-wye connected transformers were shown in detail. Recently, Griffin has poured his attention and research into the realm of high frequency, high vacuum phenomena in reference to Nikola Tesla’s evacuated light giving bulbs and other related vacuum chambers. In similar context to the cosmic induction generator as constructed by Eric P. Dollard, he has been replicating many historical lamp devices and enclosed glass vacuum chambers for special phenomena research. Other than focusing on intensive experimental efforts, Griffin continues to study engineering through the realm of Eric Dollard, by transcribing his papers into books, and by continuing to reference so-called outdated texts on the subject. https://griffingbrock.com/






7:50am~8:00am AARON MURAKAMI – ANNOUNCEMENTS (10 min)


Discussing the secret life of Tesla’s AC Induction Motor, Troy Reed’s "Hot Fan" project, and Robert Alexander’s 1975 US Patent titled Method and Apparatus for Increasing Electrical Power.

Peter Lindemann, DSc is a semi-retired Science Historian, Researcher, Inventor, Author, Lecturer, and Educator. He has been involved in the field of Advanced Alternative Energy technology since 1973. He is the author of The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity and the educational films Electric Motor Secrets, Part 1&2, Battery Secrets and Battery Rejuvenation, Tesla’s Radiant Energy, Open System Thermodynamics, and many others. He is also the co-author of the Bedini SG Handbooks and film series. Dr. Lindemann continues to work on designs for Gravity Engines and other clean, low-tech solutions.

9:00am~9:15am BREAK (15 min)

9:15am~11:00am – JIM GALE – FOOD FOREST ABUNDANCE (105 min)

A Food Forest is simply a forest of food. The systems we create follow the principles of what you find in a forest. Everything in the forest grows abundantly and regeneratively without any insecticides, pesticides or fertilizer. It’s almost as if the way it was created was the way it was meant to be. As a happy band of permaculture practitioners and entrepreneurs, we’ve lived every lesson we teach. From planning and growing a food forest, to building a passive solar greenhouse, to rehydrating an eroded field and stream bed. We’ve even created rainwater harvesting systems for our own homes. Our lessons are rich with real-life experiences and an absolute passion for sharing what we know. We exist to help people grow their own food.

Jim Gale first learned about the power of writing down his goals at the age of 19. From the practice of inspired visioning, he became a 4-time All American and National Champion wrestler. After college, he moved to Hawaii, backpacked through 37 countries, lived with the Maasai, explored cultures, and searched for his next inspired vision. He wrote his goals again at age 29, which included being retired in 3 years. Jim went on to create a mortgage company that reached $1.3B in sales in 3 years, leading him to early retirement and the achievement of another life goal. He bought a boat, lived on the ocean for a year, and then moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages where he discovered permaculture. It changed his life and he realized he needed to bring it to every household in the world. That idea became Food Forest Abundance. Jim is an inspirational speaker who speaks on food supplies, self-reliance, sovereignty, entrepreneurship, mindset and freedom. http://emediapress.com/ffa



Four-Phase wrongly called “Two Phase” is a relatively unknown form of polyphase power. However, it was the original method employed in the Tesla-Westinghouse system of polyphase power and for good reason. It provided the best match to the well-established Edison Three Wire System then in extensive use. While an effective mathematical representation exists for the common three-phase system, no such representation has ever been applied to four-phase. This representation is to be developed in this presentation. 

Eric Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who is a “living legend” in the field of electrical research. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today on the true nature of electricity. Author of the landmark mathematical papers Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves and Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave, Eric shows how all electric phenomena can be mathematically measured and engineered WITHOUT using calculus or “Maxwell’s Equations.” Author of Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers and Theory of Wireless Power, he is also the only person since Tesla’s death to successfully build a real Magnifying Transmitter. His last several conference presentations are Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity, The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson & The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity, The Musical Seismograph. & History, Theory & Practice of the Electrical Utility System. Last year, he gave a presentation on Nikola Tesla’s Colorado Springs Transformer and demonstrated a 20:1 scale model – this was THE definitive presentation ever given on the subject. https://ericpdollard.com

4:30am~4:45am BREAK (15 min)


David Schmidt, founder of LifeWave, presents on his new drone technology. The initial bench tests on the engine shows an 80% thermal efficiency and the air leaving the exhaust is cleaner than the air going in. This drone will be used in disaster relief efforts and other humanitarian causes. For more information on LifeWave, visit this link for a free video – Aaron Murakami is an independent distributor of LifeWave: http://emediapress.com/stemcell

David Schmidt is an inventor and businessperson best known for being the CEO of LifeWave, a popular health and wellness company. He founded the company in 2004 in an effort to help customers lead lives that could tap into the natural rejuvenating powers of their own bodies. David received his formal education in Management Information Systems and Biology at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY, before moving on to a long career in anti-aging and regenerative science. During his career, and before he started LifeWave, he worked on numerous innovative designs such as a new process for creating oxygen and hydrogen as well as designing and prototyped multi-fueled, bladeless-turbine power generation systems. The main offerings from LifeWave are based around the design of patented phototherapy patches invented by David. These patches, when applied to the skin, reflect light back into the body and are able to initiate a number of impressive health and wellness benefits such as elevating certain peptides known to be important in overall health and increasing energy production.

5:30pm~5:40pm BREAK (10 min)


In Parker’s demonstration, they will showcase single-wire electrical transmission using two coils tuned to the same frequency. The primary coil, longer in length, will have the secondary coils wrapped around its base. Both primary coils will be wound to 1/4 the wavelength of the transmitted frequency. The connection between the coils will be established by connecting the bottom wire of the primary coils, while the secondary coils wound around the base of the primary coils will serve as reference secondary coils. Parker will connect a signal generator to the secondary (shorter) coil of the sending coil and tune it to the desired transmission frequency. On the identical receiving coil, a LED or similar device will be placed on the secondary (shorter) coil, and as Parker adjusts the signal generator to the resonant frequency of the coil system, the LED will illuminate. In the second part of the demonstration, Parker will power up a diathermy machine and discuss intriguing effects associated with high-frequency alternating current. They will then proceed to light an incandescent bulb using the diathermy machine. If a volunteer is available, Parker may invite them to hold the bulb and touch one side with a metal object while simultaneously touching the diathermy machine with another metal object. This interaction aims to demonstrate the bulb’s illumination through the transfer of energy. If time allows, Parker will further showcase their expertise by lighting a candle or a kerosene lamp using the diathermy machine. Throughout the demonstration, Parker will provide detailed explanations and insights into the underlying principles and phenomena. Attendees can look forward to an engaging and educational experience, gaining a deeper understanding of single-wire electrical transmission, high-frequency effects, and practical applications.

Parker Edmondson is known on TikTok as “dr.parkinstine” with over 800k followers! He’s 21 and is self taught regarding most of projects and experiments that he is conducting. He graduated from high school and attended one semester of college. He has always had an interest in days-gone-by. He loves collecting old electrical doodads like knife switch’s, rotary spark gaps, ward theater dimmers etc. His moto is simple is better (less is more). In the past, simple machinery was a big deal because there were less parts to have to repair and less breakable parts. That is why why he loves collecting antiques so much plus they look cool!

6:10pm~7:00pm ON YOUR OWN DINNER – SHOP CLOSES AT 7PM SHARP (50 min)






8:00am~8:15am AARON MURAKAMI – ANNOUNCEMENTS (10 min)


The Golden Ratio is one of the fundamental underlying principles in the Wheelwork of Nature, and is reflected within many forms in the natural world. The Golden Ratio Discharge reflects this fundamental principle in the field of electricity and energy, first discovered by Eric Dollard in 1978, and now rediscovered by Adrian Marsh, and demonstrated by using a specific arrangement of Tesla coil and generator. This presentation introduces, explores, and demonstrates the nature of this unique discharge, looking into its origins and how to practically reveal it in a Tesla coil system, as well as considering its importance as an example of a core underlying principle of nature revealed in the field of electricity and electro-magnetism. The presentation includes a live demonstration of the Golden Ratio Discharge.


1:45pm~2:15pm GROUP & PRESENTER PHOTOSHOOT/OPP (30 min)

2:15pm~3:45pm ERIC DOLLARD – FOUR-PHASE ANALYSIS OF BWV536, J.S. BACH (90 min)

Four-Phase analysis opens a new dimension in multiple co-ordinate representation  and accordingly, opens a new avenue into this area of general theory. The established master of multiple co-ordinates is J.S. Bach and his poly-phonic (phase) music. BWV 536 represents an idyllic representation of the four-phase concept; this is taken into a very high level of expression. This presentation applies the Fortescue method of the Fuge of BWV 536 and is applied to the introductory part of Bach’s work. 

3:45pm~4:00pm BREAK (15 min)


Hear about the greenhouse that uses zero electricity (not even a fan!) that stays warm throughout the Montana winter. Learn techniques to create your own, using local materials with zero cement, or other toxic gick. Explore the fascinating aspects of earth integrated structures and hear about Paul’s Wofati design which highlights rustic passive house design creating a comfortable, solid and charming home that is quick, easy and cheap to build.

Paul Wheaton is a powerful advocate of permaculture. He was dubbed the “Duke of Permaculture” by Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer, and the “Bad Boy of Permaculture” by Occupy Monsanto. Paul is the owner of permies.com, coderanch.com, richsoil.com, and Wheaton Labs. He has produced over 600 podcasts, 200 youtube videos and a dozen feature-length films. He has presented at over 100 events around the US, and has written dozens of articles and 2 books on topics ranging from luxuriant environmentalism to homesteading skills. The events he hosts at his property, Wheaton Labs, have resulted in the development of rocket stove and rocket mass heater technology, massive earthworks featuring extensive hugelkultur, solar dehydrators, lots and lots of round wood timberframe structures like a truly passive earth-bermed solar greenhouse and a mega-cheap and luxurious home design called the Wofati, as well as many, many other permaculture innovations.

6:00pm~7:00pm – ON YOUR OWN DINNER – SHOP CLOSES AT 7PM SHARP (60 min)





8:45am-9:00am AARON MURAKAMI – ANNOUNCEMENTS (15 min)


Sharing her years of experience freeze drying the foods we all need for surviving in times of scarcity, Katja’s knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to you, as you begin to freeze dry at home, preparing your own MREs for long term storage. Freeze drying for yourself provides significant savings compared to commercial freeze dried foods. And the quality of commercially available freeze dried foods and MREs does not begin to compare with your own. Katja will show the HarvestRight home freeze drier, share edible samples and explore the many options, accessories and techniques available. The presentation will include Q&A for the serious and the novice attendees interested in preserving nutritious food for up to 30 years.

Katja Gwynn has been a successful nutritional counselor for over 40 years, utilizing the Science of Biologic Ionization through personalized diet and lifestyle therapies. She has taught her clients how to achieve the universal goals we all desire: vitality, health and longevity. The core concept pervading Katja’s therapies is what she calls “OHM.” Yes, most of us think of Ohm as a measure of electrical resistance, symbolized by the omega O. However, for Katja OHM is her acronym for Life’s foundation: Oxygenation, Hydration & Mineralization, the three pillars of human biological health. She teaches that the lack of OHM is the fundamental cause of ageing and symptoms of degenerative disease. After all, are we not made of energized air, water and dust of the Earth?

10:00~10:15 BREAK (15 min)


Last year’s presentation demonstrated a 3 inch diameter Tesla Turbine operating in the cryophorus mode whereby a hot and cold take under vacuum with a turbine in the middle can create a high speed rotation, which can produce electricity. This year, you will witness a production ready prototype of a 6″ diameter Tesla Turbine operating in the same mode, which has already been tested without an electrical load at over 42,000 RPM, which equates to a peripheral speed, which is faster than Mach 1. This turbine is still being refined at the time of this writing and will be ready for further demonstrations for the conference in July, which will include powering loads. The goal is to develop this into a viable powerplant.

Jeremiah Ferwerda is an innovator, experimenter, discoverer and inventor of out of the box technologies and is currently perfecting Nikola Tesla’s favorite invention, the Tesla Turbine. He refuses to accept the idea that there is no way to harvest an unlimited quantity of energy from our surroundings. https://myteslapower.com/



This is an exclusive presentation on our patent-pending method of low-power electrocoagulation, an exciting development that builds upon the groundbreaking work presented by Paul in 2015. After years of research and refinement, we have successfully developed a practical and user-friendly system that brings the benefits of electrocoagulation to the average person. Discover how this innovative technology removes non-bioavailable impurities from your water supply, providing clean and safe drinking water. Paul will guide you through the science behind electrocoagulation and showcase a live demonstration of our newly developed system. Join us to witness the culmination of years of hard work, as we make water security a reality for every household.

2:15pm~2:30pm BREAK (15 min)

2:30pm~3:30pm PANEL DISCUSSION #1TO BE ANNOUNCED (60 min)

3:30pm~3:40pm BREAK (10 min)

3:40pm~4:40pm PANEL DISCUSSION #2TO BE ANNOUNCED (60 min)

4:40pm~4:50pm BREAK (10 min)

4:50pm~5:50pm PANEL DISCUSSION #3TO BE ANNOUNCED (60 min)





This Year’s Presenters





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2022 ESTC New Release – Law of Electrostatic Induction by Aaron Murakami & Eric Dollard

The Law Of Electrostatic Induction As Applied To The John G Trump Electrostatic Machine by Eric Dollard and Aaron Murakami

Here’s the first of many new releases from the 2022 ESTC.

This one is an electrostatic generator invented by John G. Trump, the same Trump who was called in to analyze Tesla’s work after Tesla died. John Trump was mentored by Van de Graaff while at MIT and due to Van de Graaff’s encouragement to study vacuum high voltage systems, this generator concept is the result.

The test unit shown was built by Chris Carson, a friend of Eric Dollard’s and over the last year, we have figured out the basic running method, Eric has analyzed the math, I’ve been doing the bench experiments and have seen enough to realize that the claims by Trump and Carson are true.

The demo unit is flea power, is not in a vacuum so is not ideal but the presentation gives enough information for anyone to develop it further if they wish. There is no back EMF since there are no magnets or coils so when placing a load on it, the prime mover will not know.

Watch the preview vid and get a copy of this presentation here: The Law of Electrostatic Induction as Applied to the John G. Trump Electrostatic Machine

Reactive Power Generator – Part 4

Reactive Power Generator Part 4 by Mike Clarke

This is Part 4 of Mike Clarke’s presentations on the Reactive Power Generator, which has advanced by leaps and bounds since its inception. At its essence, it is like a Bedini SG, but with multi air core coils, higher voltage and with automatic battery swapping.

The results? The input and output batts keep swapping and keep themselves charged up – it’s a true self-running motor that turns a generator that produces hundreds of net watts and again, the batteries stay charged up.

Due to a problem with an optical sensor used for timing, this machine did not run at the conference but worked just fine at Paul’s home shop the night before.

Mike shares how he is now making his rotor that is very inexpensive and faster than machining so the whole manufacturing process has been streamlined to the point that it is becoming practical on all levels, including financially.


Zero Entropy States – More On Time, Space, And Overunity

Zero Entropy States - More On Time, Space, And Overunity by Paul Babcock

In 2002 I was hanging out with John Bedini, at his lab in Post Falls, ID. After a fun day of playing with John’s toys; he pointed up to a high shelf at another device that was covered by a glass case. As he was lighting a cigarette, he exclaimed, “that’s the one you really want to see”. I said back to him, “Cool… Let’s have a look”. He replied right back, in a cloud of smoke. “N’aa, you’re not ready for that one yet.” It was twelve years before John finally demonstrated the infamous, “Glass Case Motor” or Gravity Wave Space Flux Motor for me, personally. Those two days in 2002 and 2014 that I spent with John Bedini, triggered a subconscious process within myself that took an other five years to crystallize. Time isn’t what you think it is. Entropy can go away. The machines work because entropy does go away. John made me “earn the knowledge” and in that tradition, plan on putting your thinking caps on and having your minds bent. – Paul Babcock

Early on, John Bedini had discussed the “Time Charge” in capacitors and batteries and posted this on his websites in the last 90’s but most people never knew how literal John was when discussing Time. Potential Energy is the potential for Energy to exist at a later time. Well, Time Potential is also the potential for Time to exist at a later time as well so when you’re storing the aetheric charge from high voltage spikes in a capacitor or battery, you’re storing TIME potential because when the battery or capacitor gives you work later, you get it out in the form of power over a period of TIME, which is what energy is.

Paul Babcock is one of the few that has really taken on what John was trying to teach so make sure to learn his perspective because Paul has achieved results with his understanding and it has proven to work in Mike Clarke’s RPG machine.

Part of the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (61 mins downloadable video).

Combo Discount

Save $17 when you buy Zero Entropy States – More On Time, Space, And Overunity and Aether Weirdness – It’s About Time! Magic Batteries And Other Observations together!