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Magnetic Energy Secrets

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Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1 by Paul Babcock – Physicists have always said that magnetism isn’t a source of energy. Well, they’re wrong! What you’re about to learn is something that has been kept secret from the public for over 170 years! These really are the magnetic energy secrets that you’ve never seen before!

Part of the 2012 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (57 mins).

Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 2 by Paul Babcock – Paul picks up where he left off from Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1. This time he presents all the math necessary to calculate how much radiant energy is contributing to the production of new energy in the system. He also shows a demo of his highly efficient motor running.

Part of the 2013 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (74 mins).

Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 3 by Paul Babcock – In this presentation, many different devices are discussed, which all have one thing in common – Back EMF or Lenz’s Law has either been partially or fully negated. The implications of this are priceless, because it allows you to get more mechanical work from a motor for less energy than conventionally built motors.

Part of the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (77 mins).


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