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  • May 19, 2022 Free Emediapress Live Streaming Event
    Every week, we receive countless emails asking questions about downloads, the conference, RPX & MWO, general questions about various technologies by John Bedini, Eric Dollard, etc. and on and on. I try my best to personally answer them all but it’s no longer possible. I’m going to be hosting a FREE live streaming event where […]
  • Thane Heins & ReGenX Removed from 2022 ESTC Presentation Schedule
    Over the last several weeks, I have attempted to get an agreement from Thane Heins to allow the proper testing of his ReGenX, motor-generator technology. At first he agreed but then when I got specific, my requests were met with non-response. It’s very simple – Thane Heins claims that his motor-generator is free of any […]
  • Cosmic Induction Generator – New Tesla Brush Bulb Tests
    Last year at the conference, Eric Dollard and I presented on The Borderlands of Nikola Tesla’s Resonant Transformer, which included some basic plasma bulb tests in the Cosmic Induction Generator. We have some other upcoming experiments but short term, we experimented with a few other Tesla style Brush Bulbs – some results we have seen […]
  • 2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited 5.7 Liter Dual Bypass Oil Filtration System
    This is something you can do to greatly increase the life of your engine – this is a *must do* on any vehicle where you have any serious investment in. This 1 million mile engine is now a 2 million mile engine. This keeps the oil 99.9+% clean as you drive so is like having […]
  • Newly Discovered Spanish Eric Dollard Documentary – You can watch it with English Subtitles
    Special thanks to Alex L. for bringing this interesting and quite well-done documentary about cell phone towers, etc., which strongly focuses on Eric Dollard’s opinion on the matter. To watch this short documentary with English auto-generated subtitles follow these simple instructions: Click on the video to make it play Click the CC button at the […]