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  • 2024-06-28 Dollard-Lindemann History, Stories and Science Part 1
    This is the first of a few videos where Eric Dollard and Peter Lindemann are discussing their past history of when they met, who they knew and what they were working on. Support EPD Laboratories, Inc. 501(c)3 Non Profit – https://ericpdollard.com/donate
  • 2024-05-25 Live EPD Zoom call with Eric Dollard
    Please support EPD Laboratories, Inc. https://ericpdollard.com/donate Here’s the last recorded call with Eric Dollard and Crew:
  • Tesla Turbine 2180 Watts @ 14000 RPM
    At less than half of our intended operating speed, we saw a bit over 2000 watts of real power. Here’s a quick video about it – It’s also Jeremiah’s birthday on the 15th, which is an hour away. If you like to support him personally, consider becoming a Patreon supporter. Or, if he gets a… Read more: Tesla Turbine 2180 Watts @ 14000 RPM
  • Paul Babcock, You Will be Missed!
    It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Paul Babcock on June 4, 2024. Paul was not only a brilliant engineer but also a cherished friend and a visionary in the field of alternative energy. His extensive experience in industrial electronics and his pioneering work on overunity and magnetic energy have inspired… Read more: Paul Babcock, You Will be Missed!
  • 2024-03-30 EPD Live Call Recording
    Evidence of low power atomic fusion in a vacuum tube is presented (what Tesla’s “x-rays” actually were???) and more advancements with the Golden Ratio Discharge. Our team continues to produce some of the most significant experimental results of any group that is openly sharing their work. We think you’ll agree after watching this video. Support… Read more: 2024-03-30 EPD Live Call Recording