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2024-06-28 Dollard-Lindemann History, Stories and Science Part 1

This is the first of a few videos where Eric Dollard and Peter Lindemann are discussing their past history of when they met, who they knew and what they were working on.

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1 thought on “2024-06-28 Dollard-Lindemann History, Stories and Science Part 1

  1. Good evening Aaron, Eric, Peter, watching this call was a treat. Since questions were asked to be posted here I have a few concerning Caduceus Coils.

    I’ve recently gotten into contact with someone using a device I hope to make a post about on the forum sometime soon, a large part of it is essentially a flat caduceus coil with Phi ratios and it shows some incredibly potent results, including very strong radiant energy output that can damage the electrical systems in the house, I’m looking for information on what these kinds of coils do and why they do it.

    So far I’ve tracked down the following claimed phenomena associated with them from old posts on the energetic forum, they:

    Are cold
    Produce radiant energy with a significant magnification factor
    Have little to no impedance
    Emit comparatively little radiation to conventional coils

    There were also posts on the forum on using a caduceus coil as the primary or secondary of a tesla coil type circuit to blind the input from the output, preventing the loads from influencing the source. I suspect that the geometry creates constructive interference with standing waves in an extremely short time interval to produce considerable radiant energy bursts, this is supported with scope measurements of the peaks coinciding with 7 nanosecond changes in the waveform.

    I would very much like to know more about the underlining principles of their operation and would be very interested in learning more about these coils.
    Kind Regards -R

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