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Paul Babcock, You Will be Missed!

Paul Babcock

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Paul Babcock on June 4, 2024. Paul was not only a brilliant engineer but also a cherished friend and a visionary in the field of alternative energy. His extensive experience in industrial electronics and his pioneering work on overunity and magnetic energy have inspired many. Paul’s notable works include presentations such as “Zero Entropy States” and “Magnetic Energy Secrets.” His insights and innovative ideas were showcased at numerous Energy Science & Technology Conferences, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

Many people have been deeply impacted by Paul’s passing, and there are concerns about the future of his work, particularly his switching circuits for electric motors and other applications. Rest assured, plans are being formulated with various collaborators to ensure Paul’s legacy continues. I am personally working on completing a project that Paul was helping with, which originated with his assistance to carry forward one of John Bedini’s legacies. This project will now be part of both John’s and Paul’s enduring contributions to the field.

We are also moving forward with the home water purification unit that Paul presented at last year’s conference. Additionally, the “modules,” which are more compact versions of his switch and battery swapper for experimenters to run their motors on, will move forward. Both presentations were never released because we wanted to wait until we were ready to launch the products. Paul told you all my company would be manufacturing and selling all of these and I intend to bring that to fruition – everyone has been waiting for almost a year. Paul’s timeline was usually a bit different from mine but better late than never! Hang tight.

Peter Lindemann introduced me to Paul around 20 years ago when I met him at his home garage where Flyback Energy was born. Since then, Paul has become one of my closest and best friends who was like a brother. This is very difficult to share this news with you.

For those of you who push conspiracies as you did with John & Gary Bedini – please stay away and mind your own business. I can assure you that Paul died of natural causes and there was no foul play.

When an obituary and any memorial information for donations to the family are known, they will be added to this announcement. Please understand that we will not respond to any emails regarding questions about Paul’s work or anything else related. We ask for your patience as things unfold.

Paul is finally at rest with what he called “The Great Holy.”

Paul will be deeply missed, but his spirit and contributions will continue to inspire and drive us forward in our pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

If you would like to offer your condolences, post your favorite stories with Paul, how he inspired you, etc., please login and post a reply to this blog post at the bottom – that will serve as a guestbook. It will be compiled and printed for his family. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Paul Babcock, You Will be Missed!

  1. I met him at ESTC 2022. He felt like a strong presence and I enjoyed his talks and engaging with him in between presentations. I also liked his rebellious attitude.
    Let us enjoy & continue his legacy.

    Quentin Rowe,
    New Zealand.

  2. Thanks for your contribution to the sum total of human knowledge, Paul. You will be missed.

    Peter K. Campbell

  3. I remember how exuberant Paul was in extolling the virtues of silicon carbide swtiching devices. How so many of his parts ended up as ‘dead soldiers’, and how these incredibly fast parts could open up the world of free energy to us all. Your a great pioneer Paul. Looking forward to building more with you in the future.

  4. Paul Babcock was a new energy stalwart and a world class engineer, to those who knew him well. He was generous in spirit and time, and gave me strength by encouraging the “mouse army” to press on.

    Along with founder Mr. Peter Lindeman D.Sc., Mr. Babcock collaborated with co-founder Mr. Aaron Murakami for 20 years starting with the Flyback energy machine business. This contribution constitutes an integral part of the foundation which changed the game of energy science and “breakthrough technology”. It has been nearly a decade since I stumbled upon their A&P Electronic Media, and the Energy Times Newsletter.

    From listening to Babcock on Energy Science & Technology Conference panels, learning about his collaborations with individuals such as Jim Murray, and his relating of the work of others like the Bedini brothers, Babcock demonstrated numerous ways of exploring the unknowns of electrical circuitry which helped me learn greatly.

  5. For being so cynical and jaded, (his description) Paul’s generosity, love and encouragement were ever present in all his interactions.
    I will miss him.
    God speed.
    Stephen Brown

  6. I was able to be around Paul Babcock at the ESTC 2022 and 2023 as he engaged with attendees outside in the parking
    lot. Paul was so interesting with his vast knowledge, experience and stories. He’d answer questions and offer solutions to problems that were presented to him, even offering attendees to come to his house to use his MWO. I hope his work and research will continue on and his contribution to the field gets the credit he deserves.
    Paul is now on to his next adventure, free from any physical hindrances he may have encountered this life.
    Joe Capraro
    Vista, California

  7. I did not know Paul personally. Only seen him on the internet in the context of technology. But we are fighting for the same thing. And Pauls passing is all the more reason for me to commit even harder to this free energy mission. thank you for your contributions Paul!

  8. I’ve been following his work for a while and was blessed to have had the opportunity of meeting him in person at the 2022 ESTC conference. He has permanently changed and inspired my perception of this entire electric universe we live in. His legacy will continue unfolding new ideas and bringing this earth into a thriving paradise once again! He told me that we must also be scientists of consciousness as well and integrate that with the material sciences since the only way forward is a wholistic approach! He will be missed yet his spirit continues to live with us eternally!

  9. When I heard the sad news, I was on the other side of the continent. I wrote a blogpost when I returned home, on my own website jeanemanning dot com. Grateful to Aaron for letting us know. I will miss knowing that our friend Paul is nearby; he was always willing to take the time to explain technological matters to me and share the humor of our world and love of nature. My condolences to his wife and family.

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