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Cosmic Induction Generator 2020

This is a project that I (Aaron Murakami) have been working on for a while. It is engineered by Eric Dollard and built by myself mostly from scratch. Jeff Moe helped with machining some of the parts but most is hand fabricated with hand tools on my work bench.

There are multiple applications for the system when completed or in other words a lot of different experiments that can be performed because it is being designed to be universal.

We have a bit more to do for the audio rack and still have to do the entire RF rack – next year’s conference will have some of the most incredible Tesla experiments most people have ever seen or heard of.

Check out a few pictures and the video walk through of where we are at with the project now.

Make sure to get a copy of Eric Dollard’s latest presentations from the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference here:

Jari Karvonen, Aaron Murakami, Eric Dollard, Jeff Moe

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Healthy, Sustainable Products

Stainless Steel Pans & Sheets

Since the massive shutdown, I’ve been upgrading a lot of products and devices that are more sustainable, uses less resources, are healthier, etc.

I’m not suggesting you throw a lot of things away – I did for a handful of items, but when something needs replacing, perhaps it is reasonable to consider other options.

1. BIDET – The first thing to disappear off the shelves starting about two months ago was toilet paper and also paper towels. So, I bought a bidet retrofit for a toilet rather than hoarding ridiculous amounts of toilet paper. It’s a free energy device with an infinite COP since it requires none of my own energy input and is completely powered by the water line pressure, which is completely free. LOL It’s more hygienic and you only need a small amount of paper to pat-dry yourself and you’re done! Bidet’s are going out of stock everywhere too. This is the one I purchased, which has a setting for women: 

2. DISPOSABLE NAPKINS – Instead of disposable napkins or paper towels, which are still necessary sometimes, I bought some reusable 18×18 inch restaurant style napkins that can simply be washed. This will save money and paper over time and will last for many years.

3. COFFEE POT – My coffee pot broke – thanks to the limited life span of digital electronics. I looked around and decided to go with a simple pour through system. Ceramic or glass pour though version have been available for coffee cups for ages but they do require you to add a filter – most people use paper filters but paper coffee filters absorb some of the essential oils from the coffee so you never really get the taste that you’re paying for. There are reusable stainless steel filters, which work great. The one I decided to get is an all glass borosilicate glass pitcher so it can be heated directly on the stove if it gets cold, holds multiple cups of coffee and the reusable stainless filter is double layered – super fine mesh on the inside, which is layered over larger holes – haven’t seen that kind before but it’s the best reusable filter I ever used. Unfortunately, this one is not avail but you can see others: – I’d give it a 4 star simply because the glass lid that comes with it isn’t a great fit and doesn’t hold still very well but other than that, I love the fact that it is just glass and stainless steel. No plastic, no electronics to plug in and it has a small footprint.

4. STAINLESS COOKING PANS – I already have a set of stainless, copper bottom pots and pans. But I have some older baking sheets, loaf pan, etc. and some had teflon and some where aluminum. They’re almost never used because they’re unhealthy to use so I dumped them. I was surprised at all the stainless options available for all of these kind of sheets/pans but I was also looking for copper ones as well. However, WARNING – I found that a lot of “copper” products being marked as safe and natural are actually coated in silicon and synthetic chemicals and is far from natural. Stainless is the only one I could find that have no nonsense attached. Here is what I recently used to replace the aluminum and teflon coated items:


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Colloidal Silver – A Closer Look by Peter Lindemann

Colloidal Silver Tyndall Effect

Twenth-three years ago, Peter Lindemann wrote an article on colloidal silver that was published by Borderlands and today, it remains one of the most referenced articles.

Recently, Dr. Paul Maher’s paper on the subject was released and it references Peter Lindemann’s article as well. Download Dr. Maher’s paper Silver is a Broad-Spectrum Anti-Viral here:

Peter’s article is very easy to understand and clearly discusses the important to know difference between ionic and colloidal silver. I highly recommend downloading a copy from his website here:

For other articles on Peter’s website, visit

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Electrostatic Potential Drags Prime Mover

Electrostatic Rotary Converter

Recently, I did a simple test recommended by Eric Dollard on the Rotary Electrostatic Converter built by Chris Carson. It is recommended to look at the below post first before watching the video on the recent test.

Chris carson’s rotary electrotatic converter

The capacitor was sped up with a DC motor and then a potential transformer was turned up to about 4500 volts DC and this potential was applied to 1/2 of the capacitor to see if the electrostatic lines would try keep the rotating capacitor plates in phase with the stationary plates. If so, then it should increase the load on the DC motor and reducing it’s speed.

The video is here and there are some more tests to come relating to this:

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Where to Start with Free Energy?

Free Energy

One of the most popular questions from those who are exploring the reality of “Free Energy” is, “Where do I start”?

The first step is to fully understand that there are no violations of physics with free energy systems. It’s not about more out than in, it’s more out than what we put in. Obviously, that implies there is extra input that we aren’t providing so there is no funny business and no over 100% efficiency claims.

How can a system output more than we put in but be under 100% efficient? If that doesn’t make sense to you, there is a good reason why – the proper distinctions are never taught in school although it is so simple that an elementary school child can understand the principles.

Here are some recommended starting points and why…

  1. Hacking the Aether is a presentation I gave several years ago, which is based on my old book The Quantum Key. It is a fluid aetheric model, which is essentially a unified field model that shows why relativistic effect happen and why, what gravity is, what the real difference is between energy and potential, the basics of open vs closed systems and more. You do not need a technical background to learn the reality about free energy and you will learn the necessary distinctions that you will not learn in school.
  2. Open System Thermodynamics is a section in Hacking the Aether and is probably the most important because it shows Nobel Prize material that says that any system that is open with the environment CAN output more than the operator inputs. Peter Lindemann presented on this at one of our earlier conferences and remains one of the most important presentations we’ve produced. If you want even more irrefutable evidence that Free Energy is legitimate, after watching Hacking the Aether, this is a must see.
  3. The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space is a must-have book written by Dr. James DeMeo. The ether exists as a matter of fact and Michelson-Morley never disproved anything. As a matter of fact, Michelson defended the ether long after – this truth is in my presentation above but if you want to see the most important collection of studies that have been done all the way to the modern day showing the ether – this book has it. There has never been a compilation quite like this and nobody should receive a degree in physics unless they study and understand this material – it is that important. So with the above two presentations and this book (there is a presentation on this by Dr. DeMeo that came out right before the book), you will understand not only the principles of free energy systems, but you will understand about the source potential itself, which is the ether.
  4. A Common Language for Electrical Engineering  – Lone Pine Writings by Eric Dollard is a book, which is available as a paperback on Amazon. It lays out and defines all the basic electrical engineering dimensions. So, now we’re getting to the practical application of real energy science, which actually has its roots in the electrical sciences, which has not been taught for a very long time. Whether you are a newbie or electrical engineering expert, this book is a must have resource:
  5. The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual – if I could have started all over 21 years ago when I first met John Bedini, I would have gotten my basic ham radio Technician’s license. The study guide is a basic electrical engineering course that teaches you all the basic components, formulas as well as the basic laws as it applies to radio transmission. This would have greatly cut my learning curve, especially as it applies to high frequency devices like Tesla Coil experiments and related. It’s so simple that even 6 year old children have gotten their basic ham radio license. For the practical application of electrical engineering principles, there is no better start than Eric’s book above and the ARRL manual – go get your ham radio license. It’s inexpensive and simple.

If you’re walking into all of this brand new and you actually TAKE ACTION and watch the above presentations and get the books and study them, you will be light years ahead of where any of us were 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. For some very famous people in this field, it has taken a lifetime of research to simply come to these conclusions that are presented in the above material. You can have this in your hands almost instantly and with the books, it may take 1-2 weeks to go through this material repeatedly, it’s impossible to stress the value of this and how fortunate you are that you even have access to all of this.

Then join Energetic Forum here: – it is one of the leading discussion forums online for all the above topics. It is free to join and fast – once you join, regardless of what emails you receive, send an email to help at emediapress dot com with your username and email you used during registration requesting activation and your account will be activated right away. You can learn from some experts in there, share your experiments, and get answers to a lot of your questions.

Energy Science Forum is also a great resource with less members and there is no approval process, just join, read, post, etc. there is a lot of info shared there that is not in Energetic Forum. 

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Online Privacy

Recently, we posted about the Signal Messaging app that allows your text, voice and video calls made through the app to others that have the same app to be encrypted. You can learn more about it down below on the Encrypted Communications post below.

Encrypted Communications – Free & Easy

We work on a lot of different technologies and work with people that have their hands on a lot of technologies so it is important to us that all our communications are as secure as possible.

Countless people’s communications are being exploited, nearly a half a million ZOOM accounts were just put on the dark web and they can be purchased for a few cents each and in many times, they’re free so it is one of the least secure platforms for video calls.

276 Million Facebook profiles were just sold on the dark web for $540! No passwords but emails, phone numbers, profile IDs, you name it.

Here are 2 simple things you can use to add to your privacy arsenal in addition to the Signal messaging app – keep in mind the other person does NOT have to have the Signal app for you to text them on your phone like normal! It is just that if they do have it, then your communications are encrypted. I’m moving towards deleting Skype and Whatsapp as soon as the main people I communicate to on those has Signal.

  1. Duckduckgo – I’ve used this for a long time now on both my home computers and on my phone and am extremely happy with it – it’s 100% FREE. Very rarely do I ever directly use Google. Duckduckgo is always set as my homepage as my main search engine because it does NOT collect private information and the searches are anonymous! Consider using it as your own default search engine and get away from Google, which was just reported to now be worth over $1 Trillion USD!!
  2. Hide My Ass – I’ve used this for years. It is a proxy service that allows you to visit different websites, but those websites will not record your real internet protocol address (IP Address), it will record the IP Address of whatever proxy you use. You can have it set to use a local proxy near you or you can make it look like you’re searching from almost any country you can think of. It’s a paid service that renews annually and it is well worth it. It is also faster that other proxy services I’ve used. And with one account, you can have it on laptop for example, your phone or other computer at the same time. Learn more: Hide My Ass

Pass this on! There is a race at this very moment to destroy our rights to privacy at an alarming rate and it is coming from those who are pushing the most fear-mongering propaganda about the current Covid-19 situation.

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Ethanol Distillers Coming

At one of our early conferences, Paul Babcock had two presentations but one was never published. It was about Ethanol and included a lot of facts that many people have never heard. Ethanol has a bad wrap by many “green” fuel advocates but their propaganda is fully debunked in this presentation.

We’ll be making this presentation available soon but we will also be making ethanol distillers available as well. There are a lot of very small desktop ones or very large ones that are out of reach for most. The one we are going to offer is perfect for a 55 gallon barrel of fermented product, which translates into a good batch of alcohol in the heated drum that feeds the distiller.

These will only be available in the U.S. and you are responsible for complying with all Federal and State Laws.

More details to come and when we announce this, they’ll probably sell out overnight and we’re accepting only a small, limited number of orders for the first production run. Lead time will be about 8 weeks or sooner before they ship from the time they are ordered.

We will not respond to any emails regarding this – please wait until the dedicated webpage is available, which will answer most questions you may have.

Stay tuned…

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5G Dangers

5G Dangers

5G is rapidly gaining mass opposition globally with some countries, cities, etc. putting a moratorium on its implementation because there are zero studies showing it is safe.

There is an insurmountable amount of evidence showing the negative health effects of 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and the new 5G (5th Generation), which is around 60GHz, which is only 10s of GHz below the frequency of the military’s directed energy weapons.

Here is only one of many references showing published studies showing the hazards of 5G with more to come and more context as well as some information about smart meters that I am giving personal testimony on very soon.

The first link is an abstract in PubMed from the National Institute of Health Library of Medicine’s website – this is the US Federal Govt and not some conspiracy site.

Toxicol Lett. 2020 May 1;323:35-40. doi: 10.1016/j.toxlet.2020.01.020. Epub 2020 Jan 25.

Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions

Conclusion…”…Superimposing 5G radiation on an already imbedded toxic wireless radiation environment will exacerbate the adverse health effects shown to exist…”


7. Conclusions

Wireless radiation offers the promise of improved remote sensing, improved communications and data transfer, and improved connectivity. Unfortunately, there is a large body of data from laboratory and epidemiological studies showing that previous and present generations of wireless networking technology have significant adverse health impacts. Much of this data was obtained under conditions not reflective of real-life. When real-life considerations are added, such as 1) including the information content of signals along with 2) the carrier frequencies, and 3) including other toxic stimuli in combination with R.N. Kostoff, et al. Toxicology Letters 323 (2020) 35–40 38 the wireless radiation, the adverse effects associated with wireless radiation are increased substantially. Superimposing 5G radiation on an already imbedded toxic wireless radiation environment will exacerbate the adverse health effects shown to exist. Far more research and testing of potential 5G health effects under real-life conditions is required before further rollout can be justified.

Please share this with your friends or family who think negative news about 5G is a conspiracy – this is a real study showing this: “Superimposing 5G radiation on an already imbedded toxic wireless radiation environment will exacerbate the adverse health effects shown to exist.