Aaron Murakami

Aaron Murakami’s journey began on Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota, where he spent his early years as a military dependent, constantly moving from base to base across the globe. It was during his time at Yokota Air Force Base, Japan, where he attended high school, that his thirst for knowledge started to take shape.

After graduating, Aaron returned to the United States and pursued higher education at Sinclair Community College and Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Initially drawn to software engineering, he soon realized that his passion extended far beyond the boundaries of a single field.

Settling in Spokane, Washington, Aaron embarked on a lifelong quest for knowledge in natural medicine, free energy technologies, and various scientific disciplines. His journey led him to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health and become the owner of a popular nutrition store in Spokane. However, driven by an unyielding desire to explore new horizons, he made the difficult decision to close the store in 2006 and dedicate himself fully to other projects.

In his pursuit of knowledge and mastery, Aaron found himself under the guidance of remarkable mentors. Rodger Estes, his first and most influential mentor, was recognized by the Chinese Qigong Delegation in Beijing as a “natural born” Qigong Master. From Rodger, Aaron acquired invaluable insights into the development and manipulation of subtle energies, as well as the profound mental discipline required in these practices. He became Rodger’s protégé, absorbing wisdom from a true master.

Aaron’s thirst for knowledge in the realm of Free Energy led him to seek guidance from other luminaries in the field. Mentors like Peter Lindemann, John Bedini, Eric Dollard, and Paul Babcock shaped his understanding and fueled his commitment to disseminating information in the Free Energy sciences. Inspired by his mentors, Aaron founded Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum, vibrant online communities with a combined membership of over 150,000 individuals from around the world.

In 2008, Aaron joined forces with Peter Lindemann to co-found A & P Electronic Media, a groundbreaking company that has since become his sole endeavor. Today, it stands as a beacon of knowledge in the Tesla and Free Energy sciences, offering a vast library of over 225 downloadable eBooks and video presentations, considered the definitive sources of information in the field.

Driven by his passion to share insights and inspire others, Aaron co-founded the Bedini-Lindemann Energy Conferences in 2012. Now known as the Energy Science & Technology Conference, these annual gatherings attract attendees from dozens of countries, fostering collaboration and pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration.

Throughout his journey, Aaron has authored and produced a wealth of educational resources, including groundbreaking eBooks and instructional videos. Titles like The Quantum Key, A Course in Mind Power, Ignition Secrets, Water Fuel Secrets, Electro-Biohacking, How to Build a Jet Engine, and Hacking the Aether showcase his commitment to empowering others through knowledge.

Not content with stopping there, Aaron is also the brilliant mind behind a patented, game-changing plasma ignition system. This revolutionary invention has the power to detonate water upon contact, offering the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption in gasoline engines.

Aaron Murakami’s story is one of relentless pursuit, insatiable curiosity, and an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding. His contributions to the realms of Free Energy and natural sciences are both transformative and inspiring, setting the stage for a future of limitless possibilities.

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