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Reactive Power Generator – Power To Spare


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This motor/generator set is a composite of multiple inventors methods and technologies including John Bedini, Paul Babcock, a few others including Mike Clarke and his partner Norman, and it demonstrates some remarkable principles. A couple of years ago, this motor/generator ran at thousands of RPM, kept its batteries charged up while producing enough work to turn a generator that produced electricity.

This motor/generator has been built new from scratch and now does this at a higher level. The input and recovery banks will stay topped up while running at high speed and it will produce enough mechanical work to turn a generator that will power a 100 watt light bulb but the batteries never see it. The principles will be shared and it demonstrates that what Bedini and others have said for years is true.

In this presentation, Mike shares his battery switching protocol that is crucial to keeping the batteries charged up.

Part of the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (74 mins downloadable video).

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